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Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch

Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch
(photos: Rolex) Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch | US$tba |

haven’t you heard? director James Cameron of the Titanic fame (and Avatar, Abyss and among the many others) is taking to the bottom of the ocean yet again and Rolex is marking this historic expedition (known as the Deepsea Challenge expedition) with this beautiful Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge watch. classified as an experimental watch, the Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge watch features an oversized (51.4mm), ultra thick (28.5mm) stainless steel case, a grade 5 titanium caseback, screw-down winding crown with TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system Continue reading Rolex DEEPSEA Challenge Watch

Hublot The “5 Million” Luxury Watch

Hublot The "5 Million" Luxury Watch
(photos: Hublot) Hublot The “5 Million” Luxury Watch | US$tba |

The “5 Million” by Swiss luxury watch maker Hublot, does not necessary meant that the watch costs $5 million but then again, looking through its specifications and how it came about, perhaps it might just well be worth that much. making its point of a (very) luxurious statement, it contains an incredible 1,292 girl’s best friend (that’s diamond – if don’t already know) with more than 100 carats of baguette diamonds and six square emerald cut stones, each weighing in at more than 3 carats – spreading around the watch with 18k white gold set as its backdrop. expect to be dazzled by these precious stones on its 44mm case, crown, dial face, and as well as the bracelet. Continue reading Hublot The “5 Million” Luxury Watch

TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera

TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera Watch
(photos: TAG Heuer) TAG Heuer Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera | US$tba |

honestly, we don’t know who Jack Heuer is but we were told that he was the longtime CEO (till 1982, to be exact) of TAG and the founding father of the Carrera. marking his 80th birthday, TAG Heuer has released this beautiful TAG Heuer Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera Watch. apart from its mouthful name, it also happens to be a limited edition with only 3,000 pieces to go round worldwide. powered by a Calibre 17 movement, this commemorative time piece features a metallic silver sunburst dial face with retro markers, silver hours and minutes hands and a contrasting seconds hands in bold red. touches of red can also be seen on the chronograph hands, as well as the “60” mark on the TACHYMETRE. a date function sits at the 6 o’clock position. Continue reading TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Carrera

OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece

OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector's Piece
(photos: OMEGA) OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece | US$tba |

just like the Aston Martin sports car, OMEGA watches worn by the silverscreen frictional British spy James Bond has evoked our wildest fantasy about the gadgets used in espionage business. well, maybe the watch does strikes us as much as Aston but still, we sure can’t forget its cut-through-metal laser capability. so, it is only fitting for OMEGA to issue a special James Bond edition of its Seamaster Diver 300m watch to mark the fifty years of this long running spy action flick. obviously, laser capability is still not part of its feature but instead expect real world features like unidirectional ceramic bezel rings with diving scales in matt chromium nitride with the number “50” in prominent red, reminding you that this is not your regular Seamaster Diver 300m. Continue reading OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece

Nike HTM Flyknit Collection

Nike HTM Flyknit Collection
(photos: Nike, Inc.) Nike HTM Flyknit Collection | US$tba |

fancy wearing next to nothing on your feet when you go on your running routine? you can’t really do so cos’ it is going to hurt your feet. so the next best thing you can do is to grab a pair of ultra lightweight shoes like the Nike HTM Flyknit Collection. building on Nike’s latest innovative shoes engineering and materials, the HTM Flyknit Collection is the result of the collaboration between Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO/designer Mark Parker. designed like a sock that stays snug and almost unnoticeable, the Flyknit has a virtually seamless upper and its one-piece upper design also translates to environmental benefit as it reduces wastage that is associated in cutting of multiple materials. Continue reading Nike HTM Flyknit Collection

New Balance ‘Road to London’ Collection

New Balance 574 'Road To London' Collection
(photos: New Balance) New Balance ‘Road to London’ Collection | US$tba |

how does the road to London looks like? we won’t know for sure but New Balance might hold the answer in the form of its Spring/Summer 2012 “Road To London” collection. the collection marks London’s event of the year, which is the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and features New Balance footwear in different variations. the classy colorways and materials of the 574 duo’s with its obvious “The Road To London” tags might be alluring but they could not distract us from the 420 and 574 that were splashed with different color combinations from the iconic Union Jack with a little touch of gold. according to VIACOM IT, these kickers are handmade by its Flimby factory, which incidentally also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Continue reading New Balance ‘Road to London’ Collection

Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by BWD

Rolex Explorer II Stealth Flame by Bamford Watch Department
(photos: Bamford Watch Department) Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department | £11,000.00 |

young and trendy were never Rolex’s forte but loving the brand name does not requires you to compromise your youthful look – that’s if, you go for customized version of this luxe watch like the Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by Bamford Watch Department. it has all the features you expect of a Explorer II such as quick set date function, 24-hour hand, dual time zone settings, sapphire crystal but with the addition of a youthful, good look – thanks to its orange tone that sits contrastingly on a military-grade PVD finish specially formulated by BWD. the matte black finish endows it with a timeless sophistication, while the orange evokes the lively side of the watch. a beautiful watch shouldn’t be restricted to a life of ballroom and tuxedo, does it? Continue reading Rolex Explorer II “Stealth Flame” by BWD

Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph

Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph
(photos: Timex) Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph | US$210.00 |

each time your reset your chronograph watch, you tend to lose a some seconds. the Fly-Back in chronographs is the the solution to track how long the second hand has stopped and compensate for the lost time by getting back into the correct position. think of it as skipping out of a queue and joining back (the queue) where you left off even though the queue has moved. the word (or words?) “Fly-Back” surface quite often in luxury timepiece and is almost unheard of in a everyday watch but today, you can have the similar function in a slightly over $200 chronograph and the watch in question is the Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph, as the name implies, features a fly-back chronograph movement. Continue reading Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph

Nike Air Force 1 Lux Max Air ‘XXX Anniversary’

Nike Air Force 1 Lux Max Air 'XXX Anniversary'
(photos: Streething) Nike Air Force 1 Lux Max Air ‘XXX Anniversary’ | US$tba |

having lots of footwear and not wearing them as often (or at all) is no longer a privilege of women. these days, we – men – do that too. it is not our fault – it is the market that tempts us again, and yet again with such beauties that we often find them hard to resist. one such example is the Nike Air Force 1 Lux Max Air ‘XXX Anniversary’. though i have to admit that its overly minimalist look is not for everyone. the ‘XXX Anniversary’ sports an all-white colorway with premium white rolled leather for the upper, a full-length Max Air sole with embossed logo and concealed stitching, and a 3M ankle strap that reminiscences of the Nike MAG (it’s reflective, alright) topped off the stylish package. well, the look of the shoes leaves us little to narrate, so why not join us after the break for a few more images of this awesome pair? Continue reading Nike Air Force 1 Lux Max Air ‘XXX Anniversary’

Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch

Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch
(photos: TokyoFlash) Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch | US$169.00 |

ah… pocket watches. they used to be a symbol of status, wealth and power of an individual – in short, it is a symbol of you being freaking rich but then that was then. it was subsequently made obsolete by the more practical wrist watches. anyway, if you are still after that symbol in this 21st century period, then you would need something that’s worthy of our time – something like the Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch. it is the modern the classic social status symbol complete with, you guessed it, a touch screen display. other features include dual time, date, alarm, additional LED backlight for lowlight time telling, 60-second auto lock to prevent accidental input, a stainless steel case, a stainless steel chain, and a futuristic animation that will probably keep you hypnotized. the Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch can be yours for $169 a pop. a few more look at this beautiful time piece after the break. Continue reading Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch