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I’m Watch Android-based touchscreen Smartwatch

I'm Watch I'm Jewel Smartwatches 544x328px
(credit: I’m Watch) I’m Watch Smartwatch | from €249.00 |

the race for watches to outsmart each other is on going and one that’s going to be available pretty soon is these Android-based touchscreen watches. dubbed the I’m Watch, these watches are said to be designed to work alongside your Android smartphones, and even your iOS devices. there are two versions of this product: I’m Jewel and I’m Color. the former is a luxury range that’s designed around precious materials such as titanium, gold, and diamonds and commands a higher price tag. on the hand, the I’m Color collection is designed around colors and offers a more affordable solution. Continue reading I’m Watch Android-based touchscreen Smartwatch

these computer mouse belt buckles are 100% geek approved

Computer Mouse Belt Buckle 544x368px
(credit: GettingWeddy) Computer Mouse Belt Buckle | from US$20.00 |

what other better way to show your geeky side than to wear a computer mouse belt buckle? sure, there are more geeky ties out there to do the geeky-portrayal job but then again, not all of us wears a tie as often as the belt. created by Etsy seller GettingWeddy, these belt buckle are made out of non-functioning computer mice, and there are couple of Mac mice too. unfortunately, you can’t do any left or right click to unbuckle the mouse – unbuckling still goes through the traditional process. the prices for GettingWeddy’s creation start from $20 for PC mouse, while Mac mouse cost $22 each. the price does not include the belt nor computer, but it will fit your existing belt up to 1.75-inch (44.5-mm) wide. just a suggestion before i close this post: make sure you learn to tuck in your shirt, else you won’t be able to show off your cute little mouse buckle. Continue reading these computer mouse belt buckles are 100% geek approved

Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes get Limited Edition

Limited Edition Nike Golf Lunar Control 544x338px
Limited Edition Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes | US$190.00 |

on contrary to its name, the Limited Edition Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes are not golf shoes for moon-going astronauts but it offers a few tweaks over its standard counterpart, such as tumbled leather, patent leather accents, and herringbone tweed – all in the name of Open Championship. apart from the aforementioned, these pair of golf sneakers feature standards like flywire midfoot saddle, full-length contoured sockliner, Scorpion Stinger Spikes and Tri-LOK system, Nike Power Platform and springy cushioning system known as Lunarlon – once again, this pair of shoes are 100% designed for earth use. all these goodness will assist you in plowing through the 18-holes (or more) with comfort and steadfastness, but first you will need to put down $190 for a pair. Continue reading Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes get Limited Edition

VEA Sportive Watch is all you need for a good long run

VEA Sportive Watch 544x588px
VEA Sportive Watch | €499.00 |

we are all familiar with Polar sports watch. you know, those watches that tracks your run and let you in on how much calories you have burnt in the process? VEA is another entry to this sporty time-keeping segment and its rather odd-looking Sportive Watch offers the benefits of a sport watch that keep tab on the attitude, speed, calories burnt, pulse rate and doubles as a mobile phone complete with camera function. Continue reading VEA Sportive Watch is all you need for a good long run

Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Leopard Sneakers

Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Leopard Sneakers 544x398px
Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Leopard Sneakers | US$tba

we always appreciate a good pair of loud sneakers, not that any of us would wear it but you know, it’s a nice touch among those sea of sneakers. Jeremy Scott’s animal-inspired sneaker for the Spring/Summer 2012 has your favorite Adidas in the guise of a leopard and leopard prints are not the only tell tale sign that it is a leopard sneakers – it comes complete with a leopard tail on each shoe. you can grab a pair of matching leopard for your kids too, but you can only envy that theirs would have a cute leopard head to boot. this kind of visual cue, albeit being a little too loud, is what you would have expected from Jeremy Scott. kind of makes you want to go ‘meow’… i mean ‘Grrr…’, doesn’t it? sadly, we do not know where you can grab one of these or what’s the pricing like but i am sure you will find out soon enough. a few more pics courtesy of Highsnobiety after the break. Continue reading Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Leopard Sneakers

Space Invaders jumped from arcade to luxury time pieces

Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch 600x800px
Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches | US$tba |

here’s another reason for fans of Space Invaders, the arcade game that graced the arcade machines of the 70s and 80s, to rejoice. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome (JR) has released its first watches after the signing of the official agreement with TAITO Corporation. there are many things from TAITO that arcade gamers love but what’s more appropriate than to base a watch on the iconic Space Invaders? last week, JR announced two limited edition watches paying tribute to the Space Invaders game which was born in the year 1978. Continue reading Space Invaders jumped from arcade to luxury time pieces

ArchPort flip flops has a secret storage to keep your stash

ArchPort Flip Flops 544x328px
ArchPort Flip Flops with Hidden Storage | US$54.95 |

one look at the image you will know exactly what the product is about. this pair of flip flops may not be able to let you make a call like Agent Maxwell Smart but it can certainly stash away cash, keys or whatever while you chill out in the swimming pool. however, one thing puzzles me. if there is a hollow in the flip flops, isn’t that going to take away some form of arch support? anyway, though it is a nice idea, but don’t expect this to protect your stash if the public pool you frequent has flip flop thieves. you know, they just want your flip flops but you might just be giving them a bonus or two. well, that’s just a thought. Continue reading ArchPort flip flops has a secret storage to keep your stash

Hublot to unveil Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono at Basel Fair

Hublot Repetition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono 544x368px
(image credit: Hublot) Hublot Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono | US$tbc |

Hublot is marking the 2011 Basel Fair by presenting the Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono luxury time piece. the Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono, the world’s first minute repeater watch featuring two “Cathedra'” type gongs, a tourbillon and column wheel chronograph, topped with carbon fiber bridges in a 48mm case made from matte carbon fiber. aside from the obvious, eye-catching carbon fiber, the watch also features titanium bezel and screws, black PVD titanium crown and lateral inserts in black composite resin. the combination of materials truly illustrates the Art of Fusion that Hublot holds so dearly. Continue reading Hublot to unveil Répétition Minutes Tourbillon Chrono at Basel Fair

feeling not geek enough? slip on a pair of Keyboard Slippers [update]

KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers main 544px
KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers | US$29.00 |

what can be more appropriate for a geek then to flip flop around with a pair of keyboards under your feet? while the real keyboard might be a tad too bulky and heavy to do so, this pair of KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers is definitely up to the task. it is also worthy to note that a real keyboard doesn’t have anything for your feet to strap on to. no mention on what it is made from but it is safe to assume that they are of rubber material and the ‘keyboard keys’ doubles as a foot massager while you straddle around in your office. available in a choice of color combos – black/yellow, black/red and black/dark blue et cetera, the KITO slippers weights a hefty 350 to 450 grams and has sizes that ranges from 36 thru to 43. the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers retails at $29, which is very much cheaper than a single real keyboard. go ahead and prove that there’s still a geek in you. oh, there is even a new version of this fun slippers, called KITO Keyboard 2.1 which spots a range of cheerful hues – but less keyboard-like. check out the hilarious Thai commercial for the KITO Keyboard 2.0 Slippers after the break.

[UPDATE] KITO Keyboard slippers has new website! check them out!

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