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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall WatchOmega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Watch | US$tba |

James Bond is known for its Aston Martins and smart two-piece black suit but there are finer things that he is known for, such as the Omega watches that has graced the Hollywood spy flick (on Bond’s wrist, of course) since 1995’s GoldenEye and it will again make its appearance as Bond’s watch in the latest Bond movie, Skyfall. so it is no surprise that Omega has announced a watch to mark this occasion. dubbed as the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “SkyFall” Watch, this limited edition watch features a 42mm brushed and polished stainless steel case and a matching patented screw-and-pin bracelet with its diver’s clasp engraved with “007” on it. Continue reading Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Watch

The Nike Air Yeezy II

The Nike Air Yeezy II
The Nike Air Yeezy II | US$tba |

like our favorite shockproof watch maker, Casio, Nike has been turning out a slew of shoes like every other day. however, we only have eyes for those that are unique, stylish and cool. The Nike Air Yeezy II is one such example that embodies the three characteristics that we look for in a pair of sneakers. the largely single color shoes is built on the Nike Air Tech Challenge II tennis shoe and features a luxurious mix of leather, rugged ballistic nylon, and soft nubuck construction, unique hand skiver anaconda textured leather quarter panels, debossed Vac-Tech Nike Swoosh, molded spike at the rear inspired by reptilian, engineered strap with scaled down spikes and comfortable, breathable tongue and plush collar (the latter is lower for improved movement). Continue reading The Nike Air Yeezy II

P^cubed Travel Pants

P^cubed Travel Pants - The Adventure Travelers Pants and Shorts
(photos: Clothing Arts) P^cubed Travel Pants | US$79.95 |

squeezing yourself through busy streets in a strange, foreign land and finding yourself being a victim of pickpocketing is the worst nightmare of any travelers. besides suffering material losses, you might be left with some embarrassing torn pants. so the next time you travel, make sure you are all geared up with P^cubed Travel Pants, a pick-pocket proof pants from New York-based firm, Clothing Arts. Continue reading P^cubed Travel Pants

Wall Switch Click Watch

Wall Switch Click Watch
(photos: Watchnismo) Wall Switch Click Watch | US$99.99 |

there are three types of watches that will have our immediate attention: luxurious, beautiful and novel. the Wall Switch Click Watch is one of such example that belongs to the latter category. as the name implies, the watch has a flat wall switch design and flipping it up or down enables the user to see the time and date, which are precede by a short but cool dot-matrix LED animation. the coolest part is, the display remains hidden the rest of the time until you flip the switch to illuminate the time from below. Continue reading Wall Switch Click Watch

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch
(photos: RumbaTime) RumbaTime Perry GO Watch | US$50.00 |

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch may looks like just any other regular watches but they actually does more than just telling time. in fact, it is your answer to traveling light and also an attempt to get rid of your wallet the next time you set off for your night out or go for a jog in the park. beyond its 42mm plastic case with stainless steel back and the fairly regular dial face with luminescent hands, the watch comes with an unique 8-digit VITAnumber (free for the first year, $9.95 per year thereafter) that can be use for contactless payment. Continue reading RumbaTime Perry GO Watch

G-SHOCK Solar Military Green Capsule Collection

G-Shock Solar Military Green Capsule Collection
G-SHOCK Solar Military Green Capsule Collection | US$120.00 |

ruggedness is commonly associated with the military, therefore it makes perfect sense to give some of the Casio G-SHOCK watches that are known for its rugged built, a military green makeover. we are fans of military-styling and so it is no surprise that we are captivated by the G-SHOCK Solar Military Capsule Collection. costing $120 a piece, the collection comprises of three G-SHOCK signature styles, the GR7900KG-3, G5600KG-3 and G6900KG-3, clad in matte olive green colorway. Continue reading G-SHOCK Solar Military Green Capsule Collection

HYT H1 Titanium Watch

HYT H1 Titanium Watch
(photos: HYT) HYT H1 Titanium Watch | US$tba |

do you like strange or unique way of time telling? ok, we know, TokyoFlash might be a little too funky for you (we said that before) and they also lacks the luxury touch. so how about something like the HYT H1 Titanium Watch sounds? if the name does not tickle your senses, how about the fact that it uses liquid to tell time? a capillary flanked by a reservoir at each end, circles the circumference of the hour dial and contains two fluid: an aqueous liquid filled with fluorescein and a transparent viscous liquid. Continue reading HYT H1 Titanium Watch

Tom Sachs for Nike Sportswear

Tom Sachs for Nike Sportswear
Tom Sachs for Nike Sportswear | from US$385.00 |

being an astronaut was many people’s dream when they were a kid. sadly, the reality is, some dream will always remain a dream for majority of us and as we grew up witnessing the cruel reality of our fading dream, we went on to become a street hustler, fashion junkies or whatever. then our shot of becoming a brief astronaut came around but instead, we found ourselves digging desperately for quarter of a million which we don’t have. we’ll be damned. no spaceship and no little red planet for us. end of the story. Continue reading Tom Sachs for Nike Sportswear

MacBook Air Compact Mirror

MacBook Air Compact Mirror
(photos: The Fancy) MacBook Air Compact Mirror | US$8.50 |

ladies, if you love your MacBook Air so dearly, then you probably would want your life to revolve around it. you probably would dine with it, date a dude over FaceTime with it instead of meeting up in person, take a stroll in the park with it and bathe with it. nah. don’t do the latter that cos’ it is not waterproof, let alone water resistant. anyway, there’s one more thing you could do with MacBook Air: staring into it while you power up yourself up for a night’s out or checking out on the growth status of that nasty pimple. sounds impossible? not if you have the MacBook Air Compact Mirror. Continue reading MacBook Air Compact Mirror

Nike Basketball Elite Series Shoes

Nike Basketball Elite Series
(photos: Nike) Nike Elite Series Shoes | from US$200.00 |

carbon fiber and Kevlar are cutting edge materials that are more commonly associated with automotive and military, respectively. so, they are not something you would find in fashion wear or sports wear, for that matter. however, those are exactly the materials that are being used on the Nike Elite Series Shoes, which should put a smile on any carbon fiber and/or Kevlar aficionados. these shoes come in three flavors that include Lebron 9 PS, Zoom Kobe VII System, and Zoom Hyperdunk and are available in two colorways: black or predominantly white, with both sporting accents of carbon fiber/Kevlar and the golden swoosh branding. Continue reading Nike Basketball Elite Series Shoes