Nike Sneakerboot Collection

regardless of whether you are into the old school or contemporary look, the new Nike Sneakerboots will have something for you. at least, i know i already have eyes for at least a pair. with the Nike Sneakerboot Collection, Nike takes the familiar classic Swoosh kicks and turned them into cool footwear (both literally and not)

Experiment ZR012 Black Watch by C3H5N3O9

Wankel engine, though revered in the motoring world, has never really seen mass adoption due to its complicated mechanics and who would have thought that this amazing rotating triangular rotor would made it to a luxury watch? we know, we never saw it coming, but here it is the Experiment ZR012 Watch Black

Hexoskin Wireless Shirt

there’s a limit to what a smartwatch can do when it comes to monitoring your body metrics during your exercise routine and as a watch, it sometimes can’t get essential data such as heart rate or ECG without having to rig yourself with a bunch other gears. that, needless to say, will impede your mobility which is not favorable as far as sports is concerned.

NISMO Smartwatch Concept by Nissan

smartwatch that keeps track of your fitness performance is not new, but one that keep tabs of both you and your car’s ‘health’ sounds more like a fantasy for motoring enthusiasts, or so you thought. meet the NISMO Smartwatch Concept by Nissan, the smartwatch that does just that. this uber sleek smart time piece is

Limited Edition Bell & Ross Aviation Watch

It’s always an exciting time when luxury watchmakers release a limited edition watch and there is an absolute belter just reaching us now courtesy of French / Swiss brand Bell & Ross and one of the UK’s leading independent luxury watch retailers, The Watch Gallery. A brilliantly designed piece, the Bell & Ross BR 03-51

Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch

handsets don’t seem to stop growing in size, which gives us enough reason to own a smartwatch so that we don’t have to pull out our giant every single time to check on notifications, or even make a call. speaking of smartwatch – we are spoilt for choice, however, if you are Samsung GALAXY device user, you might want to give this uber sleek Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch a thought.

Pink Shirts from Budd Shirtmakers

For men who like to make a statement with their style, there really is only one choice of color this fall – pink. Wearing pink is a look that not all men are overly comfortable with and it definitely takes a confident and sartorially dapper chap to be able to pull of this look but, when it is done right, there are few looks that are better.

Ring Clock

as far as men are concerned, there’s really isn’t much to a ring, which means it is something we could live without. however, if there is one ring that could to do more than just adorning our fingers, then we suppose we could seriously considering them as a necessity. do more as in doubling as a multi-tool, or perhaps, tell time? the latter is exactly what the Ring Clock is about. you did not read it wrong – thanks to the technological advancements, a thing as tiny as ring could now double as a watch.

HOT Smartwatch

when mega size handsets first came on to the market, most people find holding them to their years as amusing as it is odd. soon, holding your hand to your ear to take calls might meet with the same odd look too. no, we are not referring to some Leslie Nielsen’s flick when we said you can answer your mobile phone call with your bare hand.

CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay

if looking sharp in formal attire ranks high among your everyday must-do list, then the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay is the must-have accessory to keep your shirt’s collars from being the point of a fashion disaster. slot in a plastic items and you know you are putting your style in a Russian roulette – you never know how long it will hold;