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SureFire UB3T Invictus, military-spec plus a price that is…

SureFire UB3T Invictus 544x328px
SureFire UB3T Invictus | US$695.00 |

if you have already notice the price that i have posted under the image, let me assure you it is not a typo. $695 is exactly how much you will need to shell out for the SureFire UB3T Invictus flashlight. for that kind of money, you will get a gorgeous body machined from high-strength aerospace aluminum topped with military-spec hard anodized and an incredible 800-lumen beam that will had vampires running their way. beyond its pretty look, the flashlight features eleven settings, including an eight level of brightness, a strobe mode, a SOS beacon, and an OFF setting to prevent any accidental switching. the latter is critical for any tactical operation where accidentally lighting up is the last thing you want to do. Continue reading SureFire UB3T Invictus, military-spec plus a price that is…

stack up your old magazines, strap them up and it is a stool!

NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool 544x500px
(credit: NJUStudio) NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool | from €128.50 |

the NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool is not just a stool but it is also partly made up of your old stacks of magazines. instead dumping your magazines into the dumpster, why not make use of them? this is exactly what the NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool does. the stool composed of three parts, the handmade pillow seat, the birch wood stool frame and the leather straps complete with buckets and rivets to hold the aforementioned parts together – with the magazines in between, of course. Continue reading stack up your old magazines, strap them up and it is a stool!

a cascading water tap inspired by natural Asian fountains

Bamboo Fountain 544x350px
Mickaël Chrost‘s Bamboo Fountain is a gorgeous faucet that is anything but conventional. instead of the standard nozzle that sends water gushing out from the tap, Mickaël’s Bamboo Fountain lets the water “falls voluntarily in a slow fashion to avoid wastage.” aesthetically the faucet resembles a section of a bamboo stem with a slit and tip combo that lets water pours out. the concept drew its inspiration from the natural Asian fountains which explains its unmistakable oriental-look and feel. Continue reading a cascading water tap inspired by natural Asian fountains

Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete

Panna Foosball Table 544x388px

i am not a huge fan of soccer but for some reasons, foosball never fails to attract me. it is unexplainably addictive and i would think, it is a game that will never go out of style. that said, it is only natural that a foosball table cast in concrete that reminisces of a street soccer game has my attention in an instant. instead of the usual wood or MDF board materials, the Panna Foosball Table is cast in concrete and has a 2-a-side set-up. Continue reading Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete

give your bump a luxurious treat with Kohler Numi toilet

Kohler NUMI 544x300px
(credit: Kohler) Kohler NUMI | US$6,400.00 |

the beauty of the open market is that it has every kind of product of varying price range to suit a person’s needs. this statement applies to toilet bowl as well. in this case, what we see here is a $6,400 Numi toilet that comes with some high-tech functionality. the Numi is both a toilet and a bidet with sensor-based automatic retract system. with a price like that you are right to think that there are more features than that. indeed it is more than meets the eye. beside sporting an electrically operated cover and heated seat that opens and closes automatically, it also features a self-cleaning wand for the bidet that has multiple options for water spray pattern. this bidet wand’s position is adjustable, while water pressure and temperature can be also customize to your bump’s liking. Continue reading give your bump a luxurious treat with Kohler Numi toilet

TANDEM Urinal – it’s an urinal, but it is also a sink

TANDEM Urinal-Sink by Kaspars Jursons 544x688px
dudes. all of us washes our hands after doing our pee thing, right? it’s a personal hygiene thing that should be done without anyone telling you to do so, right? since washing our hands after our deed is inevitable (well, at least for the majority of us) why not use the water that you rinse your hands to clear the urinal bowl as well? it will saves you the trouble of waiting to wash your hands if all the basin are occupied since every user will have their own sink right in front of them. this also translates to efficiency. yes, efficiency even when you are hitting the toilet. gosh. what’s the world becoming of today? in essence, the TANDEM Urinal – Sink designed by Kaspars Jursons, saves water, time and space. as a dude representing the men folks (who washes their hands), i say get it made!

STAND via Yanko Design

Drop by Hidra is a compact urinal designed for home

Drop by Hidra - Compact Urinal for Home 544x500px
questions for dudes: would you have an urinal installed in your home bathroom? if the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat. this new item from Hidra could be the urinal you have been looking for. it is an urinal that’s not designed to look like some public restroom’s item. judge for yourself with the image above. you won’t find this kind of design even in five stars hotels. dubbed the ‘Drop’ by Hidra, this urinal offers a space saving design that has a high, narrow silhouette, hence occupies less room. time to install one of these and let your Mrs have the bowl to herself. of course, you will need a fairly large bathroom for it even though the Drop is compact size. remember that you still have the shower, the tub, the basin and the sanitary wares.

via Trendir

Flipper provides a fun way of holding your toothbrush

Flipper Hello Kitty 544x288px
Flipper Toothbrush Holder | from US$3.99 |

putting your toothbrushes in stationery-like container can be quite cluttered, not to mention exposing your toothbrushes to unwelcome creepy crawlies such as roaches and spiders. yucks. to think that you will be putting the toothbrush in your mouth every night and day. this is where the Flipper comes in. the Flipper is a worldwide patented toothbrush holder that shields your toothbrush while providing just enough ventilation so that your bristles will be dry and clean. Continue reading Flipper provides a fun way of holding your toothbrush

Luna Faucet by GRAFF looks nothing like a faucet

Luna Faucet by GRAFF 544x348px
GRAFF Lunar Faucet | US$PoR |

we have seen our fair share of faucets and this new range of faucets from GRAFF is anything but conventional. you didn’t think it as a faucet until we told you so, didn’t you? as the name suggest, the curvy profile represents the crescent edge of the moon but we thought it reminiscent more of a samurai sword instead. nevertheless, it is something that unique-freak would love. the sexy curve and flatness gives it a very contemporary feel. the Luna Faucet is available in polished chrome and brushed Steelnox satin nickel finishes. as for pricing, you gotta get in touch with Graff retailers for details.

via Yanko Design

Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight

Katz Bat Mirror 544x418px
(image credit: Katz) Bat Mirror | €290.00 |

what? a mirror featured here??? yeah but this isn’t just any other mirror. at a glance, it looks to be just another gothic, arty wall mirror but if you scrutinize closely, the mirror is actually the Batman logo. if Batman has a mirror, it would probably look something like this. not a bad idea cos’ the Dark Knight can check out how he looks before he heads out to bash up the villains. you know, life ain’t a bed of roses for a public figure like Batman and even a superhero needs to look sharp, don’t they? well, you can do the same too for just €290 (about US$412). i mean, just ‘the looking into the mirror’ part, the ‘bash-up-the-villians’ part is entirely optional. Continue reading Bat Mirror lets you play out your fantasy as the Dark Knight