LG Capsule System Wants To Take The Science Out Of Home Brew Beer

LG has been making home appliances far longer than it has been making mobile phones. As such, it has amassed a long catalog of home and kitchen appliances under its name that have pretty much every aspect of your life covered. That said, you would have thought the South Korean electronics giant would want coffee […]

Finally, You Can Grind Pepper With Just One Hand (If You Really Want To)

We challenge you to grind pepper with one hand. Oh, you can’t? Actually, you can – if you have the Ortwo Pepper Grinder. Pepper grinder is a widely used kitchen gadget and yet, it’s design remain largely unchanged for decades. Well, that is until now.

Whiskey Glass With Built-in Cigar Holder Is Pure Genius Or What?

For some reasons, cigar almost always go with a glass of fine whiskey on the rocks and because, you need one of your two hands to push the chips across the green felt-cover table for cool factor, you will need this unique whiskey drinkware that has a built-in cigar rest, aptly called Corkcicle Cigar Glass […]

This Water Purification Device Uses Swirling Motion To Purify Water

This is a water purification device unlike no other. Instead of filters and/or natural materials, Mayu Stream Water Purification Device uses natural swirling motion to aerate and purify drinking water. And quite amazingly, it does all of it in a 1.5L (50.7 oz) vessel. There are two parts to it: a waterdrop shape glass carafe […]

Here’s A F1 V12 Engine Espresso Machine In Gold And Diamonds

If you haven’t heard of Super Veloce, it is a Germany company that makes aviation and motorsport inspired coffee machines. It is calling them “limited edition functional art.” Well, it is ‘art’ if only you appreciate turbines and fossil fuel engines spitting out hot Joe. Anyways, the company has a series of Formula 1 V12 […]

Heated Ice Cream Scoop Is A Miracle Gadget For Ice Cream Lovers

If you love tub ice cream like I do, you will acknowledge the struggle of scooping up the frozen dessert. It is crazy how hard this frozen sweet treat can get that makes me I wonder if a jackhammer should be use instead. Well, fortunately, we don’t need a jackhammer because now there is SVANKi, […]

This Basin Mounted Glass Rinser Is Perfect For Lazy Bumps Like Me

I have come to a point that I am even too lazy to rinse a mug. Yes, it is that bad. I think I need to seek help soon, but I probably won’t have to if I have this First Wave Glass Rinser. Btw, when I said rinse the mug, it is not just rinsing. […]

This Coffee Maker Makes Cold Brew In Minutes And Hot Joe In 30s

Cold brew coffee is a connoisseur thing because, making a cuppa of cold joe at home requires quite some investments – both in time and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to drop thousands for a steampunk, lab-like cold drip contraption or even hundreds for that matter because, there is FrankOne One-Touch Coffee Maker. I am […]

Iron Man Coffee Maker: There’s No Javis. It Just Makes Java

Movie-themed kitchen appliances are nothing new. Just ask Star Wars. But when a celebrity like Robert Downey Jr., who’s career was literally given a second life with Iron Man and Avengers franchises, took to Facebook to let his fans know about an Iron Man-themed coffee maker, it can go viral pretty quickly. So, yeah, there […]

Amazon Launches Echo Sub, Echo Link, Link Amp And More

It is a gadget galore today for Amazon. The online retail giant has announced a slew of new products that will further imprints Echo in your life, right down to your automobile. Among the gadgets announced are Echo Sub (yes, it is a subwoofer!), Echo Link, Echo Link Amp, Echo Input, Echo Wall Clock (yup, […]