We have come across countless gadgets that promised to monitor your sleep and most of them works as they should, but to know the sleep data and not being able to act on it is as good as buying a car without an engine, which means you can’t move forward. And that’s not to mention most of these sleep monitors require you to wear something, which may not be as appealing to everyone. That’s for the rest of the sleep monitors, but not with Chrona. Touted as a sleep optimization system, Chrona does not require you to wear anything on your wrist; it wants to be integrated into your sleep and not hinder you in anyway. In short, it wants you to sleep as you normally would while it proceed to monitor your sleeping pattern and actively improve as it happens.

Chrona Sleep Optimization System

Sure sounds like science fiction to me, but apparently, the future of a good night rest is here and for a person who don’t always sleep as well as I should, I am naturally all over it. Much like today’s sleep trackers, Chrona monitors your sleep based on movement, but instead of a wearable, the accelerometer and necessary inner workings (including a 0.5W 1” speaker) are embedded in a thin memory foam which slips in your pillowcase and becomes part of your pillow. It works with a companion and sends the collected data to the paired smartphone via Bluetooth LE. That’s how it pull your sleep data and now for the interesting part. The ‘hardware’ works in conjunction with the app and work to actively enhances your quality of sleep.

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It does so by playing low-frequency sounds to help you sleep more soundly and when its time to wake up, it plays high-frequency sounds to coax you into a lighter state of sleep before the built-in smart alarm goes off, in order to achieve what Ultradia dub as “Perfect Wake-Up”. The alarm is, of course, set with the app, which also let you review your sleep data and adjust the sleep optimization settings. If you are all up for it, you can pre-order Chrona from Kickstarter and hope it gets its due support so it can materialize. But be warn that it isn’t cheap. It will run you back at $99 a pop and that’s for the early bird perk and if that runs out, you are looking at $119, or $179 for a pair.

Chrona Sleep Optimization System

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