For forget about modern first-person view racing video games with eye-watering graphics. Experience racing game before it has gone FPV, in top-down view with the Moto Roader MC.

Moto Roader MC for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

Originally developed by NCS for the TurboGrafx-16 aka PC-Engine video game console in 1992, Moto Roader MC was the third and final title of the Moto Roader series which made a mark in video game console for the ability to let five players race simultaneously – one more than every other game.

The game was revived years later and made available on Wii U’s Virtual Console. Fast forward to 2022, it is yet again revived. This time by indie publisher Ratalaika Games as a digital release for today’s popular game consoles.

Moto Roader MC for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

The game lets you choose a variety of cars and drivers, and play head to head against the computer, or locally with a friendly in multiple modes of race challenge.

However, unlike the original title that made the mark for letting 5 players race simultaneously, the Moto Roader by Ratalaika Games for PlayStation and Xbox supports up to 4 players. If you want to do 5 players local co-op, you have to opt for the Switch version.

Moto Roader MC for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

The digital release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch is set for February 25 release. Meanwhile here’s the game launch trailer for your enjoyment:

Images: Ratalaika Games.

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