Colorware custom colored Kindle Fire

Colorware Kindle Fire
(photos: ColorWare) Colorware custom colored Kindle Fire | US$400.00 |

walking around with a Kindle Fire that looks like any other does not speak much about one’s individuality, so that’s where personalization like casing and decals comes into play but if are looking at something even more ‘personalized’ then perhaps, giving your gadget a color of your choice makeover would be the obvious way to go. Colorware, the maestro of all things colored up, now offers color personalization for the Kindle Fire, where buyer can choose from a huge palette of fashionable colors for the frame, as well as the back. unlike the previous offerings, buyers will not be able to send in their existing tablet. instead, you can grab the custom Kindle Fire off from Colorware for $400 a pop – a $200 premium over the standard version from Amazon. of course, along with the newly customized color (or colors), you will still get features like a dual-core processor, Amazon proprietary browser – Amazon Silk, free cloud storage, WiFi connectivity, access to thousands of apps and eight hours of battery life. a closer look at a couple of customized example after the break.

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