Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller

Given the current situation, stepping out other than for essentials is unthinkable, let alone bring your youngling out for a walk in a baby stroller. At this point, if your very young needs to transit to somewhere, you probably will want to use a Death Stranding-inspired baby carrier pod like one dude is doing.

Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller

But, hey, lets not be this gloom. Mankind will eventually prevail. Eventually. So, why not prep yourself for the usual activities with this super cool Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller. Well, that’s if you have a baby…

Combi is Japanese maker of baby products, including, you guessed it, baby stroller. As for Monpoke, it is the official Pokémon baby brand established just last year. That’s right. Baby Pokémon is a thing now.

Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller

Anyways, the Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller is based on Combi’s Sugocal α, featuring a suspiciously BAPE-like camouflage pattern that is actually made up of Monpoke characters.

The design is by Japanese design firm Nendo, helmed by Canadian born Japanese designer and architect Sato Oki while the baby stroller features Cordura material for the hood and a three-layer vibration absorption structure for a comfy ride.

The Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller will go on sale sometime end of May in Japan. It will be offered in limited quantity, though Combi did not say how many.

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Japan residents can pre-order the stroller starting April 17 (Japan Time) and for those do pre-order, Monpoke will throw in a Monpoke picture book to sweeten the deal.

Before you get too eager, you have to know that this limited edition baby stroller does not come cheap. It commands with hefty 69,000 yen plus tax (or roughly US$640). That, btw, is 10,000 yen (about US$93) over the vanilla version.

Combi x Monpoke Sugocal α Baby Stroller

Images: Combi Co. Ltd..