Crystallized Swarovski iPad 2 case: it’s a case of luxury

DS Crystallized Swarovski iPad 2 cases 544x311px
(image credit: DS Styles) Crystallized Swarovski iPad 2 cases | from US$405.38 |

first of all, we are not surprise at how fast the accessories makers are churning out cases for iPad 2. however, we do not expect those luxurious Swarovski crystals encrusted item to be available this fast (you know, it usually takes awhile for ‘more luxurious’ item to surface). DS Styles has announced a range of handmade crystallized Swarovski iPad 2 cases to add the bling to your near-future iPad 2. each cases are painstakingly handmade from genuine Swarovski crystals and are available in limited quantities. four versions of this crystallized case are available currently, they are Gradation Crystallized Swarovski in Purple, Gradation Crystallized Swarovski in Black, Classic Crystallized Swarovski and Graphite Crystallized Swarovski.

price for such a bling? a cool $405.38 and up. Crystallized Swarovski iPad 2 cases are available via DS styles web store.

DS via Chip Chick

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