custom iDevice dock rekindles your love for retro phone

Old Time Computer Custom iPhone-iPod Dock 700x480px
(image: WoodGuy32) Custom iPhone/iPod Dock | US$72.00 |

we were once mesmerized by Kirk’s (aka WoodGuy32) steampunk computers and peripherals and he is back to impress us again with this latest addition. though steampunk-esque iDevice docks are not new to Kirk’s domain but this particular example takes on a slightly different route: this one has a retro handset that makes the overall package look like the nostalgia dialing phone with a touch of steampunk for good measure. it could be the app shown on the phone that makes me feel that way but nevertheless, that huge black thing there, is unmistakably vintage.
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however, the big black handset is anything but vintage. it is in fact, a Bluetooth headset that lets you answer calls up to 30-feet away (about 10-meters) while your iPhone is being juiced at the dock. Kirk also has coiled wired model to suit purists who hate to go wireless. other specs include steampunk-esque brass bits and a solid oak base. oh, and it comes bundled with USB cable as standard. this custom iPhone/iPod dock can be yours for $72 but you’d better hurry cos’ it seems like Kirk only has one up for sale at his Etsy store. more look at this awesome iDevice dock after the break.

Etsy via Ubergizmo

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