As the post title said. I am not a fan of ants (or any insect for that matter), but strangely, I find myself wishing for the LEGO Ideas Jack Jumper Ant by Slekk024 to be a real set.

Custom LEGO Jack Jumper Ant by Slekk024

If LEGO Ideas member Slekk024 has his way, we could be getting a refreshing LEGO set. Animal themed LEGO sets are not common. Even more less common for insects and so, if this one gets the love from the community, it may one day become an official LEGO set.

And it really should because, man, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Strange thing to say for ants but anyways…

“The jack jumper ant (Myrmecia pilosula), also known as the jack jumper, is a species of venomous ant native to Australia. Most frequently found in Tasmania and southeast mainland Australia. Jack jumper ants are primarily active during the day and live in open habitats, nesting in bush land, woodlands, and dry open forests, surrounded by gravel and sandy soil, which can be found in rural areas and are less common in urban areas.”

Custom LEGO Jack Jumper Ant by Slekk024

So, yeah, someone has turned one of the biggest ant species in the world into a LEGO set. Slekk024’s proposed LEGO set is huge, coming in at 1,890 pieces. It is not a fixed piece; all the parts of the ant’s body is articulated, thus each ant does have some form of posability.

Slekk024’s proposed set comes with a support base, two transparent supports and of course, two ant specimens. Each ant measures a giant size 30 cm (about 12 inches). IT IS HUMONGOUS!

Custom LEGO Jack Jumper Ant by Slekk024

If you like what you see, be sure to drop your one precious support for the Custom LEGO Jack Jumper Ant over at LEGO Ideas.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (Slekk024).

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