LEGO recently left fans pretty flustered (again) with the launch of the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses Satellite. The item was part of the VIP reward, but it was apparently snapped up in minutes.

Custom LEGO Ulysses Satellite by Stonewars

Not to be a sour grape, but the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses Satellite is not exactly the prettiest. Well, not at least until you have seen what Germany-based blog has done. has created its own, “improved” version of the LEGO Ulysses satellite based straight from the original NASA drawings of the satellite. Like the real-deal, the space probe can be separated from the drive unit.

Custom LEGO Ulysses Satellite by Stonewars

The best part is, it is giving away the build instructions for free. The instructions include the part list for all the necessary parts to build’s version LEGO Ulysses.

The MOC version of the LEGO Ulysses is by Jonas of and contains 291 elements, which include a display stand.

When built, the drive unit measures 22 cm (8.6 inches) long and around 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) in diameter. The stand will prop it up to 17 cm (6.7 inches) tall. Thanks to the stand, it gives the set a UCS-ish feel. said this MOC should also fit into the cargo hold of the LEGO 10283 NASA Discovery Space Shuttle revealed last month. Dope.

Custom LEGO Ulysses Satellite by Stonewars

All told, estimated the parts should cost around US$60-ish. It is a premium over the LEGO’s original creation which is value at US$14.99, but what you get is a super detailed iteration that, IMHO, is more fitting to detailed nature of the 10283 set.

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One thoughtful detail of this LEGO MOC build is, Jonas has ensure that all parts are readily available at LEGO Bricks & Pieces, thus making picking up the pieces easier. You should not need to hunt around or pay premium for rare pieces (because there aren’t any!).

Anywho, if you are down, you can learn more about this wonderful iteration of the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses Satellite HERE.

Custom LEGO Ulysses Satellite by Stonewars

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