We love automobile, big or small, drivable or not, and so, naturally, this custom miniature 1970 Chevrolet Nova fastback coupe had our attention. Hand built by one enthusiast, this miniature Nova was, at one point, put up on sale on Craigslist in 2016. A video of it was posted on YouTube channel, Urban Hillbilly Videos, which includes a description of the said ad:

“Miniature 70 nova. Tube chassis car with fiberglass body and doors. Toyota 8 bolt rear diff, mustang front suspension, Kawasaki ZX12R fuel injected engine and 6 speed transmission. Has room in rear fender well to fit a 26×14 tire. Super fast and tons of fun. Highlight every car show and cruise night. Run SCCA autocross or cruise it into a bike rally or just around town. If you don’t like talking to people then this isn’t the car for you.”

So, yeah, it has a motorcycle motor! And one that produces around 185 horses, and so we can only imagine the acceleration must be exhilarating. The only probable caveat is, it must be hell of a squeeze for large people to get in. However, as the ad stated clearly, its builder is of 6’4’ and he could “drive it comfortably.” It was asking for 10 grand o.b.o. Not sure if its sold as it has been months since it was posted. In any case, enjoy the video of this awesomeness of miniature proportion.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

YouTube via The Awesomer.

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