Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover

Given Hasbro’s love for crossover with 80s’ pop culture, we are surprised that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is not on its sight. Oh, wait. That’s the property of its major competitor, Mattel. OK. Never mind.

Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover

In any case, that does not stop one man from imagining a Transformers x He-Man crossover. This fantasy crossover was created by Simon Smith. Smith, an ordinary dude who love to unleash his wildest fantasy surrounding Transformers crossovers.

He had previously imagined a range of crossovers, including GTA, Wu-Tang Clan, and more. But this Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover got to be the most audacious since it involved properties owned by two rival toy brands.

Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover

With the Custom Transformers G1 He-Man Crossover, Smith took a G1 Megatron and gave the leader of Decepticons the Skeletor look. Well, by “look”, we meant colorways. The highlight here would be the clever use of key colors of He-Man’s arch nemesis colors and most importantly, the awesome box art.

Smith even came up with a backstory for this custom creation:

“After many battles and many looses to He-Man. Skeletor enlists the help of his old college roommate Megatron who formulates a plan to take down the muscle-bound little dutch boy and cast one hell of a spell on Optimus Prime.”

Simon Smith

Bizarre indeed if these two brands were to ever collaborate. As farfetched as it may be, it could be 80s kids’ dream come true to see two of the most recognizable cartoon franchises to come together.

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If you are intrigued, be sure to check out Simon’s Facebook page for a whole bunch of wild and super dope custom Transformers crossovers.

Images: Facebook (Simon Smith).

Source: TFormers.