Get into the hype of Disneyland Resort’s latest attraction, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Attraction at Avengers Campus, with the Spider-Bot toy which is the star in the 3D VR thrill ride.

Disneyland Avengers Campus Spider-Bot Toy

In the ride, the robot spiders (yes, many of them) ran amok and part of the ride was to help Spidey to take them out. But with the Disneyland Avengers Campus Spider-Bot Toy, you won’t be needing to take it out. You are in control of it.

Spider-Bot is a robotic toy that lets you battle another Spider-Bot with programmed combat and defensive abilities. It can crawl backward and forward, crouch, spin 360-degree, stare down with their laser eyes, and of course, give (or receive) your opponent a wopping.

It will even trigger the shields to pop off when it gets “hit” by the blaster.

Disneyland Avengers Campus Spider-Bot Toy

Control is via the included remote control, which IMHO, looks a little cheap for the price it is asking. More on the price in a bit.

In addition to the Spider-Bot, Disneyland also wants to sell a “tactical upgrade” in the form of Iron Man armor. You will have swap the existing shell for it.

Obviously, this toy and its so-called tactical upgrade kit are overpriced stuff why? Because, it is the park’s exclusive. Expect to shell out 80 bucks for the main bot and an additional US$25 for the “tactical upgrade”.

The Disneyland Avengers Campus Spider-Bot Toy is available from one of the Avengers Campus stores, WEB Suppliers.

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Images: Disneyland Resort.

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