A group of students in Japan recently took their annual national cultural festival quite literally to a new height by building a roller coaster inside what looks like the school’s sports hall. What impressive, or terrifying about this DIY thrill ride, depending on how you look at it, was that it was mostly put together by stacking school desks. We don’t have much details, but it does look like quite some plywood were at play here.

In fact, this wasn’t the first iteration. This was the third year these students had built a similar roller coaster and so, you can say that they have some decent experience as far as makeshift roller coaster goes. As mentioned, class desks weren’t the only “materials” of this roller coaster.

According to Twitter user 束 原 智 也 (@Vanillas_orig_), safety was addressed by with a reinforced structure while desks were prevented by movement with cable ties. In addition, riders were required to don helmet and finally, a 30-centimeter (12 inches) thick mattress was laid out on the ground for just in case scenario.

A video of the roller coaster was recently posted on Twitter and it has since garnered quite some reactions. Here, have a look at this amazing DIY school desk-based roller coaster in the Tweet below.

Image: Twitter (@Vanillas_orig_).

Source: SoraNews24.

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