Unlike our forefathers who never got to film their adrenalin exploits, we are blessed we the opportunities. Perhaps, too many opportunities. Why? Because, the waves never came. Then it never turn up again and again, and finally when it did turn up, you already have loads of footage. Lets face it, not everyone enjoys the chore of editing. This is where this new action cam entrant called OCLU aims to help and then some.

OCLU 4K Action Camera

It comes with a pre-editing feature that lets you delete unwanted content on-the-fly. When we said on-the-fly, we do mean right from the camera itself. That alone is a holy grail of action cams. It has more trick up its sleeve. The low profile rectangular form you see here is intentional. It is aerodynamic, allowing you to capture footage without getting in the wind’s way like traditional action cams do.

It further boosts up to 150-degree FoV, takes 12 MP photos, 4K videoing at 30 fps, FHD slow motion recording at 120 fps, built-in image stabilization, independently isolated microphones on front and top minimizes annoying wind noises, motion recording, 4 customizable shooting modes, option to record with GPS data, an intuitive interface, built-in standard 1/4” tripod mount, IPX7-rated affording it water resistance up to 16 feet (5 meters) without additional accessory (white water rafting. Check!) and a 1,000 mAh swappable battery.

It has an optional waterproofing case called OcShell, sold separately, that is hydrophobic coated that allows it to be used at up to a depth of 165 feet (50 meters) if you need to do things like, say, surfing. If you are down, you can pick up the OCLU 4K Action Camera today for $299 a pop over at OCLU website.

Images courtesy of OCLU.

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