Ducati owners looking for protection when riding may want to know that Ducati now has an airbag jacket too. The Ducati Smart Jacket, as it is called, is based on latest Dainese’s D-air airbag technology and features graphics made specifically for Ducati.

Ducati Smart Jacket Airbag-equipped Vest

Designed to be worn over or under any motorcycle jacket, Ducati Smart Jacket claims to be extremely ventilated and it is easily foldable for storage in backpack or motorcycle bags.

“Thanks to the vest structure with internal micro-filaments patented by Dainese, the airbag bag inflates in a uniform and controlled way along the entire surface, creating a shield that wraps around the body and guarantees the protection of the declared protective areas. The bag offers protection equal to that of seven level 1 back protectors, without having any rigid protector inside.”

Ducati Smart Jacket Airbag-equipped Vest

Ducati Smart Jacket does not required it to be tethered to the motorcycle. It uses an electronic control unit that packs no less than 7 sensors to analyze data at 1,000 times per second.

When the ECU detects autonomously dangerous situations, such as sliding, high-siding of a rider, rear-end collision, impact with another object or stopped-vehicle impact, it activates the rider’s protection system.

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The caveat is, it will required to be charged. The built-in battery is good for 26 hours and can be recharged via any USB port.

Ducati Smart Jacket is available worldwide. However, this being a safety device, it will require registration and activation before use. You can learn more about the Ducati Smart Jacket HERE.

All images courtesy of Ducati.

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