Call it a glorified box cutter or whatever, but you can’t deny that this “box cutter” is unlike anything you have seen. It is not quite a pocket knife, but it might very well be one. This is the EMT, or The EveryMan Tool, a compact EDC multi-tool that offers a utility blade, a pry bar/flat head screwdriver, a 6 mm Hex driver, and a bottle opener – packed in a keychain friendly size.

It has a key ring opening for the obvious (i.e. key ring), or the included 550 Para cord lanyard if so desire and then there is a 3×11 Tritium slot to fit a Tritium vial easy spotting of the tool in low light conditions. I believe this might be the first multi-tool of this size to spot this feature, or if you will, the first box cutter to support a Tritium vial.

EMT The EveryMan Tool Multi-tool

In any case, it also comes with Glow Bead that goes on the lanyard, also for low light spotting. EMT The EveryMan Tool Multi-tool is made stone-washed Grade 5 Titanium alloy or stone-washed aluminum, and further features magnetic buttons to prevent any blade play while the track locking system allows you to swap out the blade with ease.

The magnetic buttons is a simple and yet clever design to keep the blade in place firm where it is supposed to be without the need for clunky or research-level kind of mechanism. EMT The EveryMan Tool Multi-tool measures just 67 mm (2.64 inches) long, 25 mm (1-inch) wide, and 6 mm (0.24-inch) thin, and it weighs almost nothing at 28g (0.988 ounce).

EMT The EveryMan Tool Multi-tool

As you may have noted above, it is offered in two versions: an aluminum and a Titanium, with the latter includes both a standard blade insert and a hooked blade insert. MDF Designs, the outfit behind the EMT, has taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund the production of this little guy. If you want, you can help make EMT a reality by backing its campaign on Kickstarter.

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For 30 bucks, you will secure yourself an aluminum model, or if you have more financial muscle to flex, $80 will land you with a Titanium version. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign meet or surpass its funding goal of $7.5K in the next 26 days or so, you can expect to be greeted by this little fellow sometime in June 2019. Skip ahead for the pitch video to learn more.

Images courtesy of MPF Designs.

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