scooter offers a convenient form of transport for getting from point A to B, but not without shortfalls and storage is one major issue when you hitting up the supermarkets. this pressing storage issue that persist on most small two-wheelers is eliminated with the Feddz Electric Cargo Bike from German firm Emo-Bike. the bike is driven by an electric hub motor which leaves a gapping space where the gas tank and drivetrain would have been on a traditional gas powered motorcycle. what makes the Feddz unique is Emo-Bike turns that empty space into a useful 23 liters of storage, which certainly beats having a girly basket hanging off the handlebars. this also makes the bike looks a little ‘whole’ and a lot less like a mountain bike.

Feddz Electric Cargo Bike

there are two versions of the Feddz Electric Cargo Bike, each model is being offered with different 48V lithium-ion batteries. the higher spec model is capable of attaining a top speed of 28 mph (45 mph) and has a range of up to 68 miles (110 kilometers) on a seven hour charge. the bikes are TUV approved and the higher spec model would required you to have class AM or car license to operate in Germany. however, there is another model that goes up to 16 mph (25 km/h) that you can ride without a license. again, that really depends on your local laws. if you have such a great detest for baskets, but in need for a decent storage solution, then this electric bike might be worthy of a consideration. though you’d be prepared to drop at least €5,990, or about US$8,250 for one.

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certainly a hefty price tag, especially when you could score a decent used car that has a real storage space for the same or lesser amount. then again, this is definitely a more eco-friendly option and plus, it would be a good ride for taking short cuts through back alleys, or for times when opening car door might seem like a chore.

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