if you haven’t heard, the reviews for iPhone 6 are pouring into the web and we noticed one common observation: the phone is beautiful, the curves are pretty, but it can be quite slippery to handle, partly due to the sexy, rounded sides. one reviewer even accidentally dropped the review set with screen down on to concrete ground while handling it. we considered that as a fair warning to users and would be users of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which if you still don’t know what it means… it means it is best to keep it tuck in a case. there will be waves of case for iPhone 6 coming along and this FUZ Designs example is among the first. not only it is among the first, but it also promised to start shipping upon successful conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign. rest assure the case, appropriately dubbed Felt Case, isn’t a guesswork by this season Kickstarter campaigner.

Felt Case for iPhone 6 by FUZ Designs

the case is based on the official Apple’s specification and is designed using Apple’s case design guide to ensure the perfect fit. the case is composed of a thermoplastic urethane inner shell for strength and rigidity, layered with premium industrial grade felt for the feel and aesthetic benefits. with felt, the problem of slippery phone will be minimized but still offers the same sleekness to enable your device to slip in and out of pockets or purses. the felt, though minimal, also acts as a shock absorber in the event of an inevitable drop. all told, the case will add less 2mm thickness to your device – not a lot if you consider the protection it has to offer. and oh, the front has lips too, which extends beyond the glass so the glass gets protected in the case of a screen-down drop or if you choose to place your phone face-down. if you are all up for it, you can back FUZ Designs’s endeavor for just $29, which will score you a Felt Case for iPhone 6. pitch video after the break.

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Felt Case for iPhone 6 by FUZ Designs

Felt Case for iPhone 6 by FUZ Designs

Felt Case for iPhone 6 by FUZ Designs

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  1. Why would anybody with a ounce of sense, put their iPhone or iPod Touch. Into their REAR pocket??? A very good Way too CRUSH it!!!

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