While most custom car workshops restore classic cars to their original glory, or perhaps with some modern touches, Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has a totally different idea of restoration.

Floating Motors Classic Turned Into Boats

It is true that this man proposed to restore classics we are familiar with, but it is only limited to the car body. The rest of it is, well, a world apart from what the car was originally meant to travel on.

Lazzarini boldly proposed the concept of Floating Motors. Taking a classic car and turning it into a watercraft with a choice of catamaran-style twin hull or hydrofoil hull, and powered by a choice of standard engine or electric motors.

Floating Motors Classic Turned Into Boats

Looking at the ongoing climate change that threatens to consume the world with water, Floating Motors could be our living memories of great cars that once roamed the grounded highways.

Anyhoo, the possibility of desolated future aside, the Floating Motors is very real and it is not real because of the rising sea water level, btw.

Floating Motors Classic Turned Into Boats

Floating Motors is seeking for investors to make it a reality. That said, if you are interested in investing, you may learn more HERE.

Floating Motors Classic Turned Into Boats

Images: Floating Motors.

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