tires are the only things that are in contact with the ground on your vehicle and it is only right that you treat it with utmost respect, which means, ensuring they are inflated properly at all times but seriously, checking individual tires’ pressure can be quite a chore and this is where FOBO Tire Bluetooth Smart TPMS (short for Tire Pressure Monitoring System) can help. so why do you need such a high-tech device for your tires? well, getting the right pressure for your tires can make difference between life and death in some situations. moreover, overinflated or under inflated tires could lead to a range of issues, ranging from minor inconveniences such as flat tires to more dire consequences like tire blowouts. that’s not to mention that improper pressure can also lead premature tread wear and increases fuel consumption.

FOBO Tire Bluetooth Smart TPMS

with the FOBO Tire, it seek to eradicate those issues by actively monitoring the individual tire’s pressure and compared them against the set values, alerting you via your smartphone or the supplied in-car unit in the event the tire pressure isn’t right. the in-car unit, which offers alert through different audible tones, is a small device that runs off two AA batteries, while each FOBO Tire sensor is powered by a CR2032 battery – both which are good for up to two years. though it is worthy to note that extreme temperatures may reduce the battery operating life, but we’d say that getting a year and a half out of it shouldn’t be a problem. under the skin, each sensor unit packs a GE pressure sensor and is fitted with Texas Instruments Bluetooth module that connects the sensors to your smartphone and the in-car unit via Bluetooth Low Energy.

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the sensors are built to IP57 rating for water and dust resistant, so you can be sure they can take the beatings any valve installation has to ensure through the course of their usages. however, do note that having some fancy looking valve contraptions right out in the open also put these high-tech gadgets at risk of being stolen. unfortunately, the outfit has no solution to prevent you from being rob of your precious connected gauges. it does, however, ensure that stolen gauges cannot be reused as each FOBO Tire is locked to a specific owner’s FOBO cloud account. the company hopes that in this way, it will discourage theft since the sensors will be useless to the criminal minds. if the FOBO Tire Bluetooth Smart TPMS sounds just about the right thing for your car, then head on down to the product’s Indiegogo campaign page where you can pre-order a set, which includes four tire sensors and an in-car unit, for just $90.

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