Are your eyebrows raised already? Mine certainly did when I first saw this bizarre-to-regular-beings product. OK. Officially it is not called British Military Surplus Bulletproof Men’s Underwear; the official name as listed on Sportsman’s Guide is “British Military Surplus Blast Shorts with Kevlar, Like New.” Now. First thing first. There’s a huge difference between ’bulletproof’ and ‘blast proof or blast resistance’. One is capable of withstanding direct impact by, say, a projectile while the other means the ability of standing up to high pressure and possibly, stopping shrapnel.

British Military Surplus Bulletproof Men’s Underwear

The only common denominator is, both can kill and/or maim, and you know what that means. That means, your manhood – junk, nuts and all – are vulnerable if either of the above impact were to strike your nether region. This is where the British Military Surplus Bulletproof Men’s Underwear comes in. Wait, why it is listed as “like new”? I don’t know. It probably means someone had used it? Ewwww… If that’s the case, then hopefully whoever have worn it had it, had it washed it and thoroughly disinfected it. It also helps if the person did wear it over a proper, non-bulletproof variety under.

British Military Surplus Bulletproof Men’s Underwear

He really should because, this thing looks seriously uncomfortable if it were to come into direct contact with naked dong and nut sack. Jokes aside, “like new” actually means it was in storage for a long time and NOT because it was “used”. Further details of the product revealed that it was “never issued,” but it “may show signs of long-term storage.” I am guessing this is part of a blast suit worn by the EOD. What else could it be right?

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British Military Surplus Blast Shorts with Kevlar is described as genuine British military issue, features Kevlar inserts for ballistic protection, and boasts adjustable waist belt and adjustable 1-inch web straps. Also, it is as genuine as it can gets because, it even has the official NATO stock number in case you need to reference it. And oh, it can be yours for a paltry $44.99.

Images: Sportsman’s Guide.

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