Giant Size Working SD Card

Useless Mod is an YouTube channel run by a Hong Kong engineer who have a thing for turning everyday gadgets into all-so-geeky transparent version. While transparent AirPods Pro, Mavic Mini, massage gun and more are cool, it is the Giant Size Working SD Card that puts a smile on our face.

Giant Size Working SD Card

Wait. Useless Mod did what? Well, he made a SD card 10 times its original size and you know what? It actually works. Practicality aside, a Giant Size Working SD Card is not only a sight to behold, but also fun to watch.

Useless Mod even went to length to make a matching, also giant size, card reader so the content of this giant SD card can be read:

Giant Size Working SD Card

The giant SD card is made of plywood and within, it has the electronics to read of a regular SD card, which can be swapped with different brands and capacities card as desired. I like how the write protection slider on the giant SD card is actually an unlocking mechanism to access the very sparse internals.

Giant Size Working SD Card is absolutely quirky and it is fun. Off the cuff, it is impractical, but Useless Mod begs to differ.

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By making an adapter (on the underside of the giant SD card), it can be affixed to your DSLR’s hot shoe. In doing so, it allows the 10x size SD card to serve as an oversized sun shade when shooting. Like so:

Giant Size Working SD Card

I know. It’s a stretch, but it’s all in the name of fun.

And oh, it has light up function too. Now, that’s something you don’t find in any regular size SD card, do you? Here’s the video:

Images: YouTube (Useless Mod).