Here’s one hell of a bizarre story relating to goat since Goat Simulator. OK. Goat Simulator is about real goats, but the fact there is a game dedicated to goat pretty much says they are kind of a badass. If goats aren’t (badass), a goat named Fred is here to make the point that goats are badasses. As the story goes, Fred is a renegade goat who have been on the loose since he made a successful jailbreak from Hackettstown Livestock Auction House in New Jersey last year.

Fred was a prime suspect in helping a bunch of animals escaped from the livestock auction house. How so? Well, since finding his freedom, Fred has been seen popping up around the town and prior to the incident, police got words that Fred was seen in the area. And then, he was caught red handed. You see, after the animals escaped, police and locals managed to lure around 60 livestock back to their pens with food and securing the gate with a rope after huddling them inside the enclosure.

Goat Jailbreaks from Livestock Auction
“Ermmm, did Fred say where to go after we get out?”

Then a day after, Fred showed up at the pens and was caught head butting the gate where the recaptured animals were held, seemingly trying to let them back out. Fred must be damn disappointed that his fellow animals that he offered freedom to were so easily wavered by cracked corns. Damn you, animals, Fred tried to give you guys freedom and you guys chose what? Cracked corns and imminent death! Geez, you animals are unbelievable. Fred was trying help!

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Fred is a shiny example of freedom is possible, but you guys just don’t appreciate. Anywho, while Fred was caught head butting the gate, it was not confirmed if he was the hero behind the previous night’s escape. Whether or not Fred did the deed the first time round, you have to admit you and I secretly wished he did because, this makes for a bloody damn good story.

Images and source: Lost At E Minor.

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