ever wonder why your attention span on fitness machine such as the treadmill, is never as long as your Playstation or Xbox? because gaming is fun and seriously, walking or running is never as exciting (fitness freaks excluded from this statement, btw). heck, even watching Fox can’t take the reality of boredom away from a cycling routine, well, unless it happens to be Megyn Kelly’s segment (you didn’t hear from us). anyway, what if you could combine gaming with your fitness routine? wouldn’t that be a perfect match, now that your attention will be away from the aching legs, and hopefully, make your 45 minutes cardio exercise seems like just five? well, that’s exactly what the Goji Play is; it is a system that comprises of controllers for game play, wireless sensors to capture your activity, and an iPad app.

the concept of gaming plus exercising may sounds simple enough, but the Goji Play is a step up in the game: the games, which are free to hardware owners via the companion app, are adapted to Goji Play such that it (the game) will response to your exercise routine such as the in-game character will only move if you are running or biking. additionally, the fitness tracker also allows you keep track of your fitness progress in real-time as you workout. basically, the Goji Play is a complete system for fun and fitness; all you need is an iDevice (3rd-gen and above, iPad mini, 5th-gen iPod touch, and iPhone 4s and above) and pretty much all set to roll. it is kind of like the CyberBike from BigBen for Wii, but only more versatile as you can use it on a treadmill, a rower, a cycle, or whatever machine as long there is a place to securely place your device, and with the added benefit of getting insightful fitness metrics.

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the Goji Play is available from Amazon for $99.99. another look at the hardware after the break. also check out a short clip to learn more about the Goji Play.

Goji Play

Blue Goji via Uncrate via All Things D

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