Goldgenie Swarovski crystals encrusted wireless mouse

Goldgenie Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse 544x328px
(image credit: Goldgenie) Goldgenie Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse | £511.00 |

if everything you use needs to be blinged, then you shouldn’t miss this computer mouse as spruced up by Goldgenie. more so, if have a penchant for beautiful cars. touted to be Goldgenie’s top selling product, i can easily see why is that so. it is a wireless mouse in the guise of a gorgeous sports car and it also completely engulfed by Swarovski crystals – save for the mouse scroll wheel and wheels. though it is said to be the “ultimate office accessory”, i won’t leave this shiny baby alone for a single moment on my office desk. apart from its obvious bling, these computer mice feature the world’s smallest USB receiver that measures just 19-mm. functioning via the now-standard 2.4 GHz wireless, it also features a ultra wide rubber scroll wheel, detailed chrome wheels with rubber tires, and a functional boot with generous space that not only stores the batteries but also the receiver when not in use. it’s from Goldgenie and it’s encrusted in Swarovski crystals, so a price tag of £511 (about US$835) shouldn’t surprise you. a few closer look at this blinged up mice after the break.
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Goldgenie Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse - Black 544x388px

Goldgenie Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse - Silver 544x388px

Goldgenie Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse - Red 544x388px

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