GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

If you have been following this blog, you would have known we have nothing but good words about the GravaStar Sirius Pro. It has great sound and its aesthetic is unlike any earbuds out there. Oh, yeah, we have gotten ourselves yet another pair, this time in Neon Green. Perhaps we did not say it before and it may be odd to say but this pair of earbuds is display-worthy. Here. Have a look. Tell me how is it not?

GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

Just like its Mars Pro speaker, it blends perfectly into a futuristic toy collection too which is unheard of in the world of gadgets.

The Packaging

Everything is the same with the packaging. The only change is the color. As before, it came with a case that makes no apologies about its size. It is big. More than double its charging case’s size. The packaging reminds me of the ammunition box or some high-tech containment box you may see in sci-fi movies or TV series.

However, this time the box is in a contrasting weathered gunmetal color. The combination is an absolute darling to look at, IMHO. At times, I find myself wanting to have the TWS, the charging case, and the packaging display with my collection of toys.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

The Design

10 months on, my stand on the aesthetic remains the same. In any case, the changes here are limited to the color(s). In the case of Neon Green, it is not quite neon green, neon green. If you know what I mean. It has a tint of pearlescent in the green which gradually transitions into a pastel yellow as the color moves up. It is a very unique colorway.

It is fun and cheerful which is the total opposite of the grunge look of the war-damaged yellow. While so, it still has the cyberpunk vibe. The neon green colorway kind of reminds us of the neon signs we’d expect in a futuristic, cyberpunk world.

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Unlike the war-damaged yellow earbuds that are different in color from the charging case, the Neon Green version’s earbuds are colored. They are rocking a yellow paint job – the very color the green transitioned into. I know right. It is a small detail but a very cool touch.

Meanwhile, the detailings are pretty much the same. You know. Panel lines and the requisite warning band.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

The Sound

As for the sound, we have already said what we wanted to say. But if you need a recap, well, I was blown away by the audio reproduction. You know I did not make that up. At this point, I am pretty sure many folks have attested to how good it sounds.

The combination of 7.2 dynamic drivers and Knowless balanced armatures offers a broad range. It has punchy bass, clear mids, and highs. It does not lean towards any particular frequency.

In other words, it is balanced. We just love how it sound, be it for music, movie, or gaming. You can read our detailed review HERE.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

The Verdict

Now, we do not repeat ourselves, do we? We have said good words about the sound and the build, and since these are the exact same buds, they sound just as good. It is as good as some pricer and higher-end buds that we have auditioned at the stores. Anyhoo, as far as the Neon Green version goes, it will appeal to folks who prefer a more cheerful look.

I am not sure how the paint was applied. Somehow, it felt like it was the result of powder coating processing. In any case, I did try to scratch it with my fingernails and it held up. It also held up when a blunt metal (a pincher) swipe the surface. Obviously, it is going to scratch if you apply force.

As before, if you like what you see and read, you may consider picking up the GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version from for US$129.95.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version Review

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