Gray Design’s Sovereign, a Royalty superyacht

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(credit: Gray Design) Gray Design’s Sovereign Superyacht | US$PoA |

after a short hiatus, Gray Design has returned with yet another masterpiece: the Sovereign, a 100-meter (328-feet) superyacht that befits the likes of kings, queens and monarchs. Gray’s design was never conventional, which is what makes it so special and the Sovereign is without exception. its sleek, low profile design is clearly automotive inspired and unlike the superyacht out there, Gray maintains the design to just three decks that stretch over the entire length of the yacht, thus bestowing the Sovereign with a stately, and yet athletic stance. visible from the outside are everyone’s favorite relaxation amenity, the jacuzzi, that lets user enjoy the warm sunshine and cool breeze or if preferred, the overhead retractable cover can be deployed to keep the jacuzzi pool area nice and cool.
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the aft features a radically designed helipad that’s surrounded by an infinity pool. though it might not be good idea to be in the pool if a helicopter is in the process of take off or landing but nevertheless, it presents a radical thinking that’s truly out of the box. on the amenity aspect of things, the owners are treated with an expansive accommodation that stretches from the aft owners’ deck through to another owners’ deck up front at the bow. other amenities include 10 guest suites, nightclub, cinema, gym and a library. another highlight of the Sovereign is the ‘Beach Club’, an area located at the lower deck, that’s equipped with a full wet bar and has bathing platforms on either side of the yacht. these platforms, when folded down, offers a spacious relaxation area next to the water.

while in trying to design a superyacht with royal luxury in mind, Gray hasn’t forgot about greener side of things. speaking of which, one might have notice the main mast integrated with a wind turbine and a solar panel covered roof that provides clean energy to power the onboard lightings, and possibly stored as reserve power supplies. it makes perfectly good sense as both form of natural energy are mostly in abundance out in the open water. finally, powering this majestic vessel are three MTU engines that is said to enables the ship to achieve a top speed of 30 knots (about 56 km/h or 35 mph). the Sovereign exist not just as a beautiful concept but is something that you can actually own, though the price is tagged as ‘Price on Request’.

SOURCE: Gray Design
via LuxuryLaunches

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