Until the day mind-control becomes a thing (read: reliable), your days with touchscreen will be still, well, touchy. Or so we thought. Enters GWD HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control.

GWD HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control is a pair of eyewear that lets you manipulate your mobile devices and computers alike just by moving your head and blinking.

GWD HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control

MCU gyroscope sensors detect the wearer’s head movements and thus, move the cursor, while blinking lets the wearer to execute cursor clicks – right click, click and drag, included.

Nose pad sensors are responsible for picking your blinking. But what about natural blinking which an average person would do like 10-20 times per minute? Well, apparently, HiiDii and its sensors are able to distinguish between intentional and natural blinking.

HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control will work with both Windows and Macs, as well as Android devices. It has an onboard rechargeable battery good for all-day use on a single charge.

Last but not least, it has an interesting eyewear feature: adjustable ear hook to fit just about anyone. I guess a good fit is critical to its working (remember, nose pad sensors?) and hence, the adjustable ear hook.

GWD HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control

If you are enamored by what GWD HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control has to offer, you can help make it a reality by backing it on Kickstarter. Prices range from $69-100.

HiiDii Wearable Hands-free Control comes regular optics, but you can also opt for anti Blue light or sunglasses lenses. It is can also bring it to your local optician to get prescription lenses fitted.

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Images: GWD.

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