Harman Kardon MS 150 Music Station with CD Player

Harman Kardon MS 150 Music Station 544x368px
(photos: Harman) Harman Kardon MS 150 Music Station | US$599.00 | www.harmanaudio.com

with so many makes and models of sound dock going around, it is certainly easy to find one that suits your budget and style. speaking of which, Harman Kardon has just introduced their latest addition, dubbed the MS 150 Music Station, which it thinks that you should be putting down $689.95 (MSRP) for it. frankly, it is not an out of this world pricing but still but as far as sound docks are concerned, this price tag just put them in the high-end sound dock segment. for this seemingly princely sum for a sound dock, you will get a pair of 30-watt loudspeakers with bass reflex technology, a slot-loading CD player and FM radio tuner with RDS supports. for the uninitiated, RDS technology allows datas like artist and song to be displayed, if the radio station you tune in supports it.
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when it comes to sound dock, it seems like connectivity is the focal point and for that, this little black gadget here is certainly not lacking of any, well, maybe except for AirPlay support and Bluetooth connectivity. connectivity includes three auxiliary audio inputs, 3.5-mm headphone jacks, and composite and S-Video outputs. there’s even a subwoofer out for hooking up to an active subwoofer for that extra thumping effect. the latter is a feature that we seldom see in sound docks, which should be a good news for bass head audiophiles. other features include built-in alarm, sleep timer, dimmer and last but not least, an IR remote control. only an audition will determine if Harman Kardon MS 150 Music Station is worth the extra dollars. then again, with a price like this, i’d be prepared to be greeted with mind-blowing audio quality, no less. though it has a MSRP of $689.95, Amazon do have limited quantity for just $599 a pop.

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