Helix Pro Roller by StrongBags Luggage

There are fancy, high-tech suitcases and regular, affordable suitcases, and then there are suitcases designed by those who use it almost every single day. So, who do you trust? Obviously, the latter. I mean, a person, such as an airline pilot, couldn’t be more qualify to say what makes a good suitcase, right?

Helix Pro Roller by StrongBags Luggage

The Helix Pro Roller by StrongBags Luggage is exactly that. A suitcase design by Southwest Airlines pilot, Ethan Fisher. Fisher is also the President of StrongBags. Helix Pro Roller has no fancy tech like some of today’s suitcases tout. But it is practical and it has a smart look to boot.

My favorite feature is perhaps the single fiber handle tube that leads up to completely stowable a fully articulated soft-grip handle. The handle rotates and pivots, conforming to your natural grasp and movement and thus, providing a lighter and comfortable lugging experience.

Other key selling points include tear-resistant CORDURA ballistic nylon outer, impact-resistant polycarbonate frame, durable nylon liner, YKK zippers, stainless steel hook for secondary bags, and inline 650z skate wheels with sealed bearings that could take on even cobblestone paths. Well, apparently, you don’t need giant-ass wheels to take on rough paths.

Speaking of wheels, they are placed outside of the bag for stability and control, and they are designed in such a way that they are easily serviceable and replaceable.

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StrongBags Luggage is not new, btw. They are already in the business of travel gear for awhile now, but for this latest suitcase, the company has taken to Kickstarter where you can pre-order a unit for July 2020 delivery for as low as $229.

Images: StrongBags Luggage.

Source: Yanko Design.