During the Japan Mobility Show [JP], previously known as the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda pleasantly surprised JDM enthusiasts/sports car fans with the unveiling of a Prelude Concept. Yes, you read it right – the Prelude is making a comeback! For devoted fans of JDM, this legendary sports coupe holds a special place, having had a remarkable run from 1978 to 2001.

Honda Prelude Concept Unveiled at Japan Mobility Show

Honda, in outlining its plans for the present and future, remembered the enduring demand for sports models among its customers. The Prelude, therefore, is poised to take on this role, even though details are scant beyond a prototype that may remind some of the Supra, although some may argue it looks even better. With its sleek and shark-like silhouette, in my humble opinion, it’s quite the sight.

Though many specifics remain under wraps, it’s quite likely that the Prelude will be an electric vehicle, as hinted during the press conference at the Japan Mobility Show by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.’s Director, President, and Representative, Toshihiro Mibe. He mentioned, “At the automobile electrification business briefing we held last year, I talked about future sports models. Today, to conclude my presentation, I would like to show you one of them – the specialty sports model.

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Honda Prelude Concept Unveiled at Japan Mobility Show

He emphasized that this model “will pave the way for Honda’s future models, which will carry forward the ‘joy of driving’ into a fully electrified future.” So, it’s both exciting and somewhat disappointing. However, at least we can rest assured it will not be another shell-change like the Supra.

The Honda Prelude is officially in development.

Images: Honda [JP].

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