HoverBars Handles and Outriggers for Hoverboard

It looks like BoatsToGo is not the only company peddling accessory tailored specifically for the so-called Hoverboard. As it turns out, a duo (one of them is medical practitioner) has created an accessory that will turn your Hoverboard into a safer electric vehicle. As you may have learned, perhaps in a hard way, a sense of balancing is mandatory when riding this two-wheeled electric-power board, but with the HoverBars, as it is called, it bestows your tiny electric ride with adjustable outriggers to make the whole learning-to-balance process safer and if that’s not enough, there’s a pair of ski-like handles too, to boost your confidence as you learn to “hover.”

Believe it or not, HoverBars is patent-pending and it is said to “support your upper body while your lower body transfers motion from the hoverboard.” In addition, the handles also serve to help you learn to turn, or if you desire, use it as a steering device. The outriggers are what it says it is. They are wheeled much like the training wheels for bicycles and it can be adjusted higher as your confidence level increases. With the HoverBars affixed, an otherwise regular Hoverboard looks pretty much like a skeletal version of the Segway… with tiny wheels. HoverBars is designed to fit the original or classic style electric scooter with 6.5-inch wheels, as well as the Lamborghini-style variety with 8-inch wheels and wider platform.

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HoverBars Handles and Outriggers for Hoverboard

HoverBars inventors, Dr. Jason Rosenberg and Rob Honeycutt, has taken their invention to Kickstarter where you can pre-order a set for between $100-200, depending on how soon you do so. As before, the fate of HoverBars depends on the funding outcome. At the time of this writing, the campaign only managed to attract 3 backers with $330 funding. That said, it is clear that Doc and Rob could really use some luck here. Come on guys, it is not such a bad idea, right? I mean, aside from the potential fire hazard of the “Hoverboard.” Right, right?

Images by HoverBars.