How To Take Advantage Of Promo Deals When Looking For Cable TV

Most people are looking for ways to save money and cut back on expenses these days. Cable TV makes the list. For many, it’s becoming too expensive and they’re looking for cheaper alternatives that will still allow them to watch the shows they want to see. A study found that between 2011-2017, the price of cable TV increased by 5% per year on average while inflation only went up 2%.

How To Take Advantage Of Promo Deals When Looking For Cable TV
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This means that prices were increasing almost three times as fast as goods and services in general which might be why so many people are starting to look elsewhere for their entertainment needs. There are several options out there but with so much information available it can be difficult sometimes navigating what your best option is without wasting any time or money on something you don’t need.

What if you could enjoy cable TV and not have to spend as much? Through promotions as you might guess. Keep reading to see how to take advantage of promo deals.

Search For Cable TV Promo Deals

The best way to take advantage of promo deals is by searching for them. There are two main ways you can go about doing this.

Use A Search Engine

Use a search engine like Google or Bing and type in “cable TV promo” or something similar to that. This will bring up several websites where you can find all kinds of deals on cable packages, internet services, phone plans, etc. There might even be some exclusive deals available that aren’t posted anywhere else but with an Internet connection, it won’t cost you anything extra to check out the different sites so why not?

Remember To Read The Fine Print

More often than not there is fine print associated with every promotion out there so always remember to read it before signing up for anything. Make sure that this is something worth your time and effort because otherwise, why bother? If a certain offer sounds too good to be true it might just be and then there’s always the risk that you’ll end up spending more than what you thought.

Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions of Any Promo Deals

One last thing to remember is that there are several terms and conditions associated with every promotion out there. These might include limited-time offers or exclusions the way Xfinity double play offers for existing customers, which are quite beneficial. Some companies will make it very clear what you need to do in order to qualify for the promo while others won’t be as transparent about it. If in doubt, just give them a call and ask if there is anything that you will need to do in order for the promotion to work. This means that you should either ask or read through everything carefully before making a decision on any given deal.

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Using A Reputable Cable TV Provider

If it sounds like too much of a hassle to go through all those different companies for offers, why not use one as your main source? You can try switching back and forth to see if this affects the promotions available but at the very least you should be able to find some decent deals from them because they’re already well-established. The same goes for price comparison sites where you won’t have to go anywhere. Just fill out a form and let them do all the work for you by checking which services offer what kind of promotions and best fit your needs. Once again, don’t forget to read the fine print before choosing a provider.

How To Take Advantage Of Promo Deals When Looking For Cable TV
Image: Unsplash (Glenn Carstens-Peters).

Compare Contracts Between Brands

Sometimes there are deals available that don’t necessarily need promo codes to take advantage of. These deals will be offered by different brands in an effort to try and get people to switch over from their current service providers. If you’re lucky, there might even be multi-network deals where two or more companies join forces to bring discounts that can save you a lot of money in the long run. For this reason, it’s always best to compare contracts between brands because not all of them will have promotions available all the time.

Know The Difference Between Promo Codes And Referral Offers

Remember when promo codes used to be so easy to come by? These days they’re not as abundant but it’s still possible to find some pretty great ones when looking through different websites or app stores. To save you time, here are some differences between promo codes and referral offers.

A promo code is used the moment you sign up for any service while a referral offer is something that can bring future discounts once you’ve already registered with an existing customer’s promo code. So what happens is that either one of you gets a discount on your monthly bill for any time remaining on your contract. Because of this, it’s always best to ask about referral offers too because you might just be able to save some extra money down the road.

Even though there are plenty of companies out there looking for new customers, keep in mind that not everyone is right for you. Just because a promo code or offer sounds good doesn’t mean that you should sign up immediately, especially if it has some fine print attached to it. With Internet TV becoming an increasingly popular way to watch different shows and more, make sure that the service provides exactly what you need before committing yourself to anything.

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