DIY Nike MAG lights up like the real deal

(photos: S02)

the official Nike MAG Replica caused quite a stir and lots of money was exchanged for a good cause. if you didn’t managed to grab yourself one, then you probably can create a LEGO version but then, you wouldn’t be able to wear it. can you? a Malaysian known simply as S02, decided that he would create a pair that cost much lesser and still be wearable. so the result is what you see here. pretty dope, eh? the sculpt may not be quite like the real deal but at least it resembles it. oh. in case you are wondering, S02 did not make the shoes but thanks to an eBay seller, markpoon, S02 managed to grab a pair of Back to the Future 2015 Marty McFly Shoe Prop Replica to work on. from there on, S02 worked his way from painting to installing the electronics required, including 32 LEDs and the iconic electroluminescent Nike branding. already itching for one? sadly, it is not on sale but S02 is kind enough to detail his build process over at theRPF, a props and replicas forum, so that you can build yourself a pair. more images after the break.
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theRPF via Technabob

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