innovative furniture: original functioning NES controller coffee table

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(image credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

feeling nostalgic about 8-bit gaming? if you are old enough to recall the beloved 8-bit NES gaming console, you will be familiar with the original NES controllers aka the joypad. you know the rectangle grey block with D-pad, buttons and all? this guys over at 10up Deluxe felt so passionate about it that they decided to create a coffee table in the form of the joypad and better yet, it is a functioning joypad!
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constructed out of anti-fugal treated wood and coated to “feel like plastic”, the Ultimate Super Deluxe NES coffee table measures 1.2m long and has real working D-pad and buttons. within the coffee table are a series of microswitches, custom springs and circuit board, and a faithfully restored working NES gaming console. the coffee table comes with a glass top with stubby legs to go over it, in case you are really going to use it as a coffee table.

if you’re dying to get your hands on this, you will be glad to know that it will be up for auction on bay from December 14th. included with this joypad coffee table are two original size joypads and a set of game cartridges, including the unforgettable, always lovable, Super Mario Bros. it is fortunate that the joy pad was in regular rectangular block shape which allows such a replication, i can’t imagine a DualShock controller coffee table…

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and the video that give your a sneak on how it was made…

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