iPhone Lens Dial bless your iPhone with three lenses

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(image: Photojojo) iPhone Lens Dial | US$249.00 | photojojo.com

if you are one iPhonegrapher that demands the most out of your iPhonegraphy experience, then you wouldn’t want to miss this accessory. though we could not vouch for its photographic quality but it will certainly let you look the part of a serious iPhonegrapher. just take a look at the image of this accessory and you will know what we mean. the iPhone Lens Dial features a rotating dial with three optical-quality coated glass lenses, including Wide Angle, Fisheye and Telephoto, and it has holes dotted around that allows you to take pictures without the additional lenses. the dial is attached to a slim aircraft-grade aluminum jacket (read: case) that also features two tripod mounts – one for portrait mounting, and the other, for landscape mount. a novel idea if you are dead serious about experimenting more with iPhonegraphy and don’t mind the extra bulk it would bring. i know it says ‘slim’ but with three lenses stuck behind, you can’t really expect it to be real slim, can you? it is nevertheless a novel idea that i might want to give it a try if not for its pricey $249 asking price. ouch. it’s hard to justify its worth, unless you are a 4S user. more images after the break.
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Photojojo via OhGizmo!

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