This post won’t be long. It is just a post of me exclaiming “holy shit!” And why the “holy shit,” you ask? Because of this: a LEGO MOC Imperial Probe Droid straight out of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980, Lucasfilm). Created by Lino Martins, this replica of the Arakyd Industries Viper probe droid does not even look like it was made out of LEGO elements.

You know how some LEGO My Own Creations are so realistic that they make you forget for a moment that you are actually looking at LEGO creations? Yup. Lino Martins’ LEGO MOC Imperial Probe Droid is just that. It is a small built, but yet, it is absolutely captivating. I got to have this build. So, if you will excuse me. I will need to figure out my Flickr login and get in touch with Lino Martins to beg for the build details. Damn, I seriously need this LEGO-lized Imperial Probe Droid in my life!

BTW, in case you still haven’t get it… yes, what you see before you is a LEGO MOC. It is not. I repeat. THIS IS NOT a Hasbro action figure.

Images: Flickr (lino_m).

Source: the brothers brick via Twitter (@LegoStructures).

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