Batman is always rushing from place to place. You know, doing his detective work and kicking bad guys’ assess. This means keeping track of time is key. But how does Gotham City’s caped fighter/detective does that? I guess nobody knows but I have a bold theory. He probably uses this: Jacob & Co. Gotham City Wrist Watch.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Luxury Wrist Watch

Yes. It is yet another Batman-themed watch. But this one is unlike what Fossil, Tendence, and Undone have done. This one actually looks like a wrist tool the cape crusader might wear on his missions. Though if I can perfectly honest, I am still leaning towards Tendence’s.

Well, not that it has a laser to cut through steel doors… but because it has the look and feel of a gadget – which is what modern Batman is known to carry with him, and it is a luxury watch befitting the financial standing of the person behind the cowl. If you know what I mean…

This officially licensed luxury Batman-themed watch has many Batman-inspired design features, some subtle and some not so much, that will delight fans. The most obvious is the dial, which is cut from a slab of solid onyx in the shape of Batman’s emblem and highlighted by a Neoralithe outline that glows blue – thanks to the presence of SuperLuminova coating.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Luxury Wrist Watch

The glowing edge is a tribute to the BatSignal. The yellow treatment found on the Batman logo did not stop at the dial; it continues on the watchband, making the timepiece even more striking.

Speaking of the watchband, the band is made of two types of materials: the part that makes contact with the wearer’s skin is made of textured yellow rubber with a surface that enhances comfort and wearability while the upper part is designed like ballistic nylon, which is a nod to the Dark Knight’s cape.

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And then there are the flying tourbillon cages are shaped like grappling hooks. The watch further touts a crown wrapped in a rubber tire-like band, capped with a traditional Batman logo before finishing with geometric shape lugs that are a nod to the multi-faceted design of the Batsuit.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Luxury Wrist Watch

Under the hood is a 382-component Calibre JCFM10 movement, featuring off-centered hours and minutes, 48 hours power reserve, and regulated by a twin, flying, sequential, triple-axis tourbillons at 5 and 7 o’clock positions.

There are two editions of the Gotham City watch: a matte black DLC titanium edition and a polished 18K rose gold edition. Both editions are nearly identical, save for the obvious and the case back.

The case back of the DLC model features a sapphire with its underside laser-etched with Jim Lee’s Batman along with the respective brandings and a plate finished yellow and black lacquer.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Luxury Wrist Watch

The rose gold version does not have that. Instead, it has a transparent case back offering an unobstructed view of the inner workings of the movement and featuring a subtle yet striking Bat-shaped bridge. The rose gold version is also paired with the same duo materials band.

The Jacob & Co. Gotham City Wrist Watch has a limited run of just 36 pieces for each edition. It comes a cool US$220,000 for the black DLC model and US$240,000 for the Rose gold variety.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Luxury Wrist Watch

Images: Jacob & Co.

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