Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light
(photos: Jake Dyson) Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light | £550.00 | www.jakedyson.com

we are familiar with the classic articulated desk lamps but that kind of look doesn’t necessary appeal to everyone. so, in come the Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light that introduced a whole new way of adjusting the position of your light and adding to that, it features “advanced thermal management” system that stretches the lifespan of the bulb to a mind-boggling 37 years or more. the accompanying 8.8W LED light outputs a warm white light that’s easy on your eyes and the lamp functionality is packed with high-tech features such as touch switch, touch sensitive dimming and light level memory. in short, it has both functionality and beauty, well… at least in the industrial design perspective. honestly speaking, it took me awhile for me to get used to that non-classic articulated look. as you would have expected, such awesome industrial beauty doesn’t come cheap. expect to shell out a princely sum of £550 (about US$860) for one of these. check out a few more images after the break.

Jake Dyson via Uncrate

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