keep your pool clean for this summer with Polaris 9300xi

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(credit: Polaris) Polaris 9300xi Robotic Cleaner | from US$1,500.00 |

for those who are lucky enough to have a pool at home (read: reasonably rich folks), then pool cleaning would be part and parcel of your routine chores. instead of putting on your scuba gear to dive in to do the cleaning or drain the pool completely to do the spring cleaning why not invest in a robotic cleaner to do the job? we already have robot to vacuum and mow the lawn, it makes perfect sense to have one that does the pool as well.
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in this case, the Polaris 9300xi Sport should do the job. don’t underestimate this sports car-like cleaner. it can dive into your pool, clean up the grimes and debris on the pool floor and scrub the pool walls. debris and dirt are kept in an easy removal canister until it needs to be cleared. essentially, keeping your hands clean. the 9300xi also features a solid, non-pleated blade for more aggressive cleaning. user can choose from the pre-programmed automated cleaning mode, or take control of the bot with the IntelliNav remote.

needless to say, the price for such an excellent helper that will never argue back is not going to be cheap. the Polaris 9300xi has a price tag of $1,500 but it will save you time and money in long run. not to mention that it will make your home all so high tech. oh, a premium quality transport/storage caddy constructed of heavy gauge power coated alloy is also included in the package too.

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Polaris via Baller House

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