what are the odds that readers of this blog are frequent visitors to Japan and loves Hello Kitty? we really don’t know. however, in case you are, then you might be thrilled that starting November 1st, 2014 Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo and Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be offering Hello Kitty-themed guest rooms to keep your inner child happy. dubbed Hello Kitty Rooms, Keio Plaza Hotel collaborates with Sanrio Company to introduce two types of Hello Kitty Rooms: “Kitty Town” and “Princess Kitty”. November 1st marks the 40th year since the birth of the mouthless cartoon character and there is no better way then to pay homage to this kitty-that-is-not-actually-a-kitty-but-still-sort-of-a-kitty character with rooms decorated after it. yes. we call it ‘it’.

Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms - Prinecss Kitty

anyways, “Kitty Town” is said to features a pop culture-style, cheerful decor designed by KPH’s dedicated designers, depicting the world’s most famous Kitty enjoying herself at an amusement park and shopping with her family and friends. the Princess Kitty room on the other hand, takes on a more ‘formal’ feel that, as the name implies, is a princess’ room that doesn’t look as kiddish, but no less super feminine. so guys, take note. make sure don’t make the wrong choice, unless you are staying with your misses or girlfriend, or booking it for your daughters.

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the Hello Kitty Rooms will be offer with twin or triple bed in a 40.8 square meter (or 439 square feet) area at KPH Tokyo and 26.3 square meter (263 square feet) at KPH Tama, and guests will be treated to free high-speed wireless Internet connectivity. as for room rates, they are seasonal but last checked, KPH Tokyo’s Kitty rooms start at around 36,000 Yen and runs up to 46,000 Yen during the opening week. per night, of course. that works out to be between US$328 and US$420. pricey it is, but that’s about the rate in Tokyo for this type of establishments.

Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms

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