Here’s a one-and-half minute video showing what a nano drone can do besides racing through tight spaces. What you are about to witness is a single, continuous take captured by a miniature, specialized camera like the RunCam Split Mini outfitted on a nano quadcopter. The video, which features Japanese JK group Onnanocos, was recorded in a high school building. The drone started from outside of the building, slipped in between the sakura tree before entering through the window to begin its various maneuver like going under the chairs, passing through the stretching arms and going past narrow spaces between two people. And there was a short chase scene too.

Perhaps, Katsu FPV, the drone pilot, wanted to show that this drone, while small, is still capable of chasing shots. Now, to pilot a tiny drone through tight spaces is not an insurmountable task, but to do it rather fluidly and in one take is something that takes to a seasoned pilot to do. Detail is a little sketchy here. Details like what cam and drone were used for the videoing, but according to a post by Fstoppers, Katsu FPV is pat of the Tiny Whoop Japan team and Tiny Whoop happens to be the flagship model of the nano quadcopter family. So it is safe to assume that a Tiny Whoop was involved. Though it is unclear what camera was responsible for this enchanting video.

While nano drone can do what a regular drone with superb imaging capability can’t, it is, as you can see, not the most stable. Hints of wobbling and occasional drifting can be seen through out the video and if our source was right, the video may have been stabilized during post production. Though we did not find sources indicating so. My cousin has a tricked out nano quadcopter, complete with FPV and all, and it flew beautifully like the one shown in the video. OK. Maybe my cousin’s was a tad more stable, but then again, the video wasn’t exactly the best and so, I am going to assume to the high-resolution recording was partly responsible for the “touchiness.”

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In any case, this video has inspired me to pick up nano drone again more than any racing drone would have. Go ahead and have a look. I promised it will be a minute and half well spent.

Image: YouTube.

via PetaPixel.

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