Kenu Highline Security Leash and Protective Case - iPhone 6

I am sure you guys know how not to lose your iPhone. Right? Right? There is a selection of Bluetooth tracker that will alerts you if you stray too far away from your beloved and very pricey smartphone. However, Kenu, maker of smartphone accessories, here has a different idea. It’s Highline protective case makes sure you don’t lose your phone and it does so without using fancy technology. It uses the good’ol leash method that not only keeps you from losing your device, but also prevents it from hitting the ground in an event of an accidental drop. Kenu’s Highline case comprises of two parts, a low profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate case and a coiled leash. The latter boasts a braided Kevlar core that’s thin, strong and flexible, while the coiled section affords stretchability so you will still have the freedom of usage as per normal.

Kenu Highline Security Leash and Protective Case - iPhone 6 Plus

The leash attaches to the case via a patent-pending locking mechanism known as Lightning Lock, which is a specially design clip-like contraption that plugs into the device’s Lightning port and at the same time, catches onto a notch on the case for added security so that in an event of a tug, it won’t unplugged easily. In this day and time, you hardly sees anyone using leash to secure objects to them (except maybe for mountaineers and police officers) and so, you are definitely going to look pretty awkward having a line attached to your device. But hey, if it can prevent loss of phone or drops when you are on the alps, why not? Besides, you don’t always need to have the leash attached; you can attach it only when required, like on a ski lift, for example. The Kenu Highline Security Leash & Protective Case (yup, that’s the official product name) retails for $29.95 and $34.95 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively, and is available on Kenu’s web store.

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Kenu via Oh Gizmo!