Talk about localization. KFC couldn’t have done it better in China. Case-in-point: The so-called Rénjiānfùguìzòng (人贱富贵粽 which loosely translates to ‘Earthly Fortune Glutinous Rice Dumpling’).

The ‘Earthly Fortune Glutinous Rice Dumpling’ is a modern twist of Chinese glutinous rice dumplings made and consumed during the Dragon Boat Festival, aka 端午节 or Duānwǔjié.

KFC China Dragon Boat Festival Chinese Dumpling

Two flavors are being offered: a ‘eight treasure glutinous rice dumpling’ and a ‘fresh meat glutinous rice dumpling’. The former features eight types of ingredients, including the current in vogue scallops and salted egg yolk combo, packed inside pyramid-shaped glutinous rice bundle.

As for the ‘fresh meat glutinous rice dumpling’, it is more of traditional offering with just glutinous rice and stewed meat.

KFC China Dragon Boat Festival Chinese Dumpling

Obviously, this is a China thing. We don’t expect it to be available in other parts of Asia. When I first saw this on KFC China’s Weibo account, I was half expecting fried chicken, like, may be tenders, to be packed inside, but it didn’t happen. That will be interesting, though. Wouldn’t it?

Anywho, the glutinous rice dumplings are available and they sell for 9 yuan (about US$1.26) for the ‘regular’ version and 13 yuan (around US$1.82) for the ‘eight treasure glutinous rice dumpling’.

KFC China Dragon Boat Festival Chinese Dumpling

Images: KFC China [CH].

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