I don’t know of anyone who will want to bid for possessions of a dead person, unless the person in question was an iconic celebrity. That said, I hardly think anyone would want a piece of the fast food legend, Colonel Sanders, either, but in case you have to desire to collect Kentucky Fried Chicken founder’s iconic white suit, hat, watch, driver’s license, credit cards, and whatnot, well, you are in luck because, those things are going on the block on November 3 at the Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction organized by Heritage Auctions.

KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
The now-iconic double breasted suit of Colonel Sanders.

Finally, after nearly four decades, fans of this world’s famous founder of KFC can own a piece of his worldly possessions. The belongings of Colonel Sanders are offered by 67-year-old Dick Miller who was the white suited old man’s final aide before passing on in 1980. In addition to those items mentioned earlier, the Colonel’s belt buckle with his name on it, plus the driver’s license of his wife, Claudia, are also in the same auction.

KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
Personalized belt buckle and a Rado watch are also part of his belongings that will be auctioned.

It may help to know that some of these items are auction as a lot, like the suit and the hat. Speaking of the hat, it was an item made personally for the legendary fast food chain founder by Stetson. Also, if it helps, the watch is a Rado and it is still functional, and features a charcoal dial face with rhinestone indexes. The Colonel was a person quite a taste, wasn’t he? These auction items are expected to fetch $20,000 with the watch itself expected to snag around a grand.

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KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
Credit/bank cards of the late KFC founder.

If you down in owning a piece of the fast food legend, you will have a shot in owning all or any of the item offered by Dick Miller at the Heritage’s Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction on November 3 in Dallas, Texas. Bidding can be done online too. In the meantime, you can learn more about Colonel Sander’s items over at Heritage Auctions’ website. You will want to pay special attention to Lot 89014, 89017, 89015, 89016, 89018, and 89019.

KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
Driver’s license of Colonel Harland Sanders and his wife, Claudia.
KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
The hat made specially for the KFC founder by Stetson.
KFC Colonel Sanders Personal Possessions
The iconic double breasted suit by Merton Chester made especially for Colonel Sanders.

All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

Source: Heritage Auctions via Daily Mail Online.

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