axe is largely a singular function tool with only one purpose and that’s to chop, but with the KLAX Multi-tool Axehead, it is set to change the way you look at and use an axe. the product name is a dead giveaway that this ain’t an ordinary axehead; it is designed for adventurers to lug along in their next adventure without burdening them down, plus offering a little more functionality than just chopping up firewoods. if you foresee your time in the wilderness will include some repair jobs and popping a cold one or two, in addition to chopping, then the KLAX is the tool you need. it comes without a handle, which allows you to select the handle of your choice or even using a strong stick as a make shift axe handle. the KLAX has an innovative clam system which will allow it to be secured onto any right size stick you picked up in the forest as the handle.

KLAX Multi-tool Axehead - KLAX Lumberjack

even if you chose to go with a permanent handle, the modular design lets you separate the head and the handle for easy packing and transportation. there are four models, each with varying number of multi-tools catering to different needs. there is the basic Feller (KLAX-01), featuring thumb jimping, abuttment screw, lanyard hole, axe blade, scraper, hammer and a paracord for you to secure the Feller to the handle similar to a tomahawk. there is also the Woodsman (KLAX-02) that has everything the Feller has (except for the abuttment screw and paracord), but boasts an integrated clamping system to clamp to the axe handle. and then there is the Lumberjack which sits on the top of the food chain with everything the Woodsman has to offer plus a bottle opener, five wrenches, hex bit driver, carabiner and ruler on the hammer head end – all built-in the axehead.

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KLAX Multi-tool Axehead - KLAX Woodsman

finally, there is the Ti-KLAX which is essentially the Lumberjack but made out of titanium instead of regular stainless steel. you can fashion or scavenge your handle, or you can grab one made by Klecker Knives. Klecker Knives is the outfit behind this game-changing axehead and it is peddling the KLAX on Kickstarter where you can grab the KLAX Multi-tool Axehead for $115 and up. the handle will set you back an additional $15 or more, depending on the model. check out a pitch video below to learn more.

KLAX Multi-tool Axehead - KLAX Feller

KLAX Multi-tool Axehead - Ti-KLAX

KLAX Multi-tool Axehead - Ti-KLAX

Kickstarter via GearJunkie

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