Kranio Cyberpunk Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

What you see here is indeed a Bluetooth speaker. And no, it is not the remain of He-Man’s Battle Cat. It is a fake lynx skull with appropriate weathering to make look like an excavated remains of a big cat with some high-tech components. The official name is Kranio Cyberpunk Hi-Fi Speaker.

Kranio Cyberpunk Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

How is a biomechanical animal skull cyberpunk? I have absolutely no idea. But it does look cool and all. That said, if you are in need of a conversational Bluetooth speaker, Kranio Cyberpunk Hi-Fi Speaker might be it.

I know. It’s a little dark. If Porsche 911 GT3 Tailpipes Bluetooth speaker is for petrol heads, then the Kranio Cyberpunk Hi-Fi Speaker is for the, ermm, morbid souls?

Under the skull, it packs a 4-inch driver rated at 10W and it uses Bluetooth 5.0 for audio streaming with a range of up to 15 meters, or around 50 feet. Those are it. There’s no much bells and whistles to speak of, but we can agree it is one hell of a speaker in terms of aesthetic.

The design was, btw, penned by an industrial designer who have had experienced in designing figurines for Marvel, DC and then some.

It was successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and it is now on Indiegogo InDemand where you can pre-order a unit for $279 or more.

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Images: Kranio.

Hat tip: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).